How to Get Closer to an Aquarius: Insights and Tips

How to Get Closer to an Aquarius: Insights and Tips
How to Get Closer to an Aquarius: Insights and Tips

“Good-looking!” It may sound like a joke, but there’s more truth to it than meets the eye. Recently, I discussed this topic with another Aquarius friend of mine: why do some people find it challenging to connect with Aquarians? It often seems like Aquarians maintain a certain emotional distance, regardless of how long you’ve known them. 

We concluded that if you want to connect with an Aquarius, the first step is to make them want to connect with you.

Physical appearance genuinely matters to Aquarians; it’s their most immediate impression of a person. When making friends, Aquarians need that instant click within a crowd. Take a look at your Aquarius friends, and you’ll probably notice that they’re all good-looking or, at the very least, aesthetically pleasing in the Aquarian sense. 

In simpler terms, Aquarians appreciate people who are easy on the eyes and have a good vibe. However, this isn’t the sole criterion for Aquarius when it comes to socializing. It’s fascinating to note that if an Aquarius, initially attracted to someone’s looks, discovers that they have nothing in common or don’t share similar values, that good impression can quickly diminish.

Aquarians can be quite selective in their social circles. They’re looking for people they can genuinely connect with on an intellectual and emotional level. In a group of good-looking people, an Aquarius will choose the one they resonate with the most.

Aquarians are a bit one-sided when it comes to emotions in social interactions. To put it simply, they’re more invested in making the effort to connect. If an Aquarius wants to be your friend, they’ll be enthusiastic, proactive, and generous towards you. Whether you reciprocate with the same level of enthusiasm doesn’t concern them too much. 

This scenario has played out with several Aquarius friends of mine: they find someone they really admire and actively engage with them, initiating conversations, inviting them to hang out, and even giving gifts. They put in a lot of effort to maintain the relationship, even if the other person doesn’t seem equally moved. As long as there’s a hint of reciprocation, Aquarians are content.

Now, you might ask, do these efforts lead to genuine friendships in the end? Not necessarily. I’ve observed that many Aquarians have been hurt in their younger years while trying to make friends. While others may have experienced heartbreak in love, Aquarians have faced their fair share of friendship heartaches. 

Many people perceive Aquarians as reserved or contradictory, not expressing their feelings or having internal conflicts. The root of this lies in their early experiences of trying so hard, yet often failing, to make friends.

Let me tell you this: when an Aquarius decides to be warm and engaging, they’re unstoppable. However, due to various reasons, they may go through a phase where they doubt their emotions, possibly even despising humanity for a while. Gradually, they turn inward, seeking emotional solace and security.

So, why do so many Aquarians seem to prefer solitude over socializing? 

It’s because, after a certain level of evolution, Aquarians achieve a high degree of self-contentment. They can create a world for themselves, a utopia where they feel completely at ease. It’s not that they’re antisocial; it’s just that if someone wants to enter their utopian world, they must meet the Aquarian’s high standards, particularly in terms of aligning with their intellectual values.

Aquarians have high levels of both IQ and EQ. They understand how to maintain harmony in social interactions, but sometimes it feels a bit mechanical. If two people who’ve been apart for a while don’t make an effort to reconnect, the Aquarius will quietly slip away into their world. So, the key to having a lasting connection with an Aquarius is to be the kind of person who can proactively maintain the relationship.

Take a look at the Aquarius’s closest friends; you’ll notice that they’ve known each other for seven or eight years, at least. These are the individuals who have withstood the test of time, chosen by the Aquarius after careful consideration.




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