Which Four Zodiac Signs Can Control Aquarius?

Which Zodiac Sign Can Control Aquarius
Aquarians always seem aloof, but which zodiac sign can control them? Let's explore the four zodiac signs that can handle them.​

Aquarians always give people a frosty feeling, making them hesitant to approach. Why? Because when Aquarians meet someone or something they dislike, they will show it without hesitation. They are best at breaking all rules and regulations.

With a carefree and spontaneous personality, they don’t like to go with the flow or be restrained. They only associate with people they find interesting. It is not easy to control them, and their character is also different from most people. 

which zodiac sign can control an Aquarius among the twelve zodiac signs?

1. Pisces

Pisces can handle an Aquarius as they are imaginative and have similarities in this regard with Aquarius. The only difference is that Pisces is more emotional while Aquarius is more rational. In their interaction, Pisces’ whimsical ideas and somewhat pretentious behavior can often defeat Aquarius. 

Aquarius often feels helpless and has no way to handle it, but Pisces can conquer Aquarius. Pisces’ fantasies can actually restrain Aquarius’ wild ideas, and Aquarius is more concerned about spiritual feelings, so the two are easily ignited with love sparks, which is destined by fate.

2. Gemini

Gemini can also handle an Aquarius. Geminis are lively and clever, and they can get along with anyone and have topics to talk about. They belong to the same air sign, so they are very compatible with Aquarius. Aquarius is also interested in Geminis, and they also have a good impression of each other. 

Moreover, Gemini itself does not have many restrictions and is carefree, which is very much to Aquarius’ liking. Therefore, their ways of getting along, their values, and even their senses of humor are very compatible.

3. Sagittarius

Although these two zodiac signs seem to have nothing to do with each other, they still have a lot in common and can be said to be quite compatible. Sagittarius can make Aquarius helpless. Although they are both playful zodiac signs, Sagittarius is more fond of freedom. Aquarius is usually pursued by others, but when they meet Sagittarius, they have to take the initiative, because if they do not, Sagittarius is even less likely to take the initiative. 

However, they are also very compatible, so as long as Sagittarius appears, Aquarius will instantly calm down, because Sagittarius is even more restless than Aquarius. When Aquarius meets Sagittarius, they are speechless and can only surrender obediently. Therefore, Sagittarius is the only zodiac sign that can handle an Aquarius.

4.  Scorpio

Scorpio can handle an Aquarius the best. Scorpio has strong insight and can understand Aquarius’ thoughts and what they want, and can give them a lot of attention. Scorpio’s passion and devotion can melt Aquarius’ coldness, and Scorpio can also understand and appreciate Aquarius’ unique personality. 

Scorpio’s intuition and understanding of Aquarius can effectively deal with the wild and unconventional behavior of Aquarius. Therefore, Scorpio is the zodiac sign that can best control an Aquarius.



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