Aries’ Need for Novelty in Relationships: Understanding the Push and Pull

Aries’ Need for Novelty in Relationships: Understanding the Push and Pull
Aries’ Need for Novelty in Relationships: Understanding the Push and Pull

Aries individuals seek the thrill of novelty in their relationships. Wanting to keep an Aries committed and dependent on you requires a delicate balance of emotional intensity. But what exactly is this emotional intensity and how do you ensure Aries doesn’t feel trapped in a stagnant relationship? Those who understand Aries know that they aren’t built for long-term passion or unwavering interest.

A glimpse into Aries’ inner workings: Imagine taking an Aries out for a swim. They’ve never experienced it before, and it’s a blast! Everyone’s having a great time, and Aries is thoroughly enjoying themselves. The next day, the sun is scorching, so you decide to hit the pool again. Aries relishes the cool water once more. However, if this routine continues for a week, with swimming becoming the sole activity, Aries might start wondering, “Why do we keep doing this?”

For Aries, doing the same thing repeatedly with the same person becomes unappealing. So, how can you change this? It could be switching to a different activity or even sticking to swimming but changing the location—going from an indoor pool to an outdoor one. The key is to keep Aries constantly shifting their self-perception and emotions. How does this apply to relationships? Aries, in a romantic context, desires happiness.

Now, you might think, “I’ll make Aries happy all the time, and that should be enough.” However, how do you know if your actions continue to make Aries happy? Or will Aries still be pleased for the same reasons a few days later? This is where a bit of “unhappiness” is needed.

When you’ve been comfortable in a relationship for too long, it’s time for a little tension and excitement, even some minor conflicts and arguments. These can rekindle the flames of passion and rejuvenate a dull relationship. Let’s be clear; if you want Aries to rely on you more and grow increasingly attached, it’s not about delivering daily meals to their doorstep. Just as Aries eventually craves a day without food to appreciate the joy of eating, they need variation in emotions to feel alive.

This is Aries: initially, your accommodation and compromise might make Aries feel truly loved. However, over time, if Aries perceives you as too accommodating and lacking personality or temperament, they might find the relationship dull and tiresome. This is why Aries tend to have better relationships with partners they don’t see every day but meet three or four times a week.

When Aries isn’t feeling great about themselves, giving them hope and creating anticipation is essential. This ignites Aries’ passion and desire for the relationship.

Returning to the concept of emotional intensity, imagine you’ve had a heated argument with Aries over something trivial, not a matter of principle. Aries is furious, and you decide not to engage further, letting them vent. Aries thrives on challenges. If you don’t respond immediately and instead give them some space, Aries will find your indifference intriguing.

You might wonder if this approach could make Aries walk away, but here’s the key: after Aries has released their anger and has had time to cool off, they will reflect on the situation. Aries can’t stand being at odds with someone they care about, and their emotions will push them to reach out.

At this point, use love as your response. You can express your grievances without blaming Aries, as the former softens their heart and makes them feel guilty, while the latter can trigger another outburst of anger. This ebb and flow of emotions, this emotional intensity, is what locks Aries in.




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