The Fiery and Passionate Friendship of Aries: A Bond That Illuminates Darkness

The Fiery and Passionate Friendship of Aries
The Fiery and Passionate Friendship of Aries: A Bond That Illuminates Darkness

When the thought of Aries comes to mind, words like “fiery,” “determined,” “passionate,” and “sunshine” often follow. The way Aries approaches friendships embodies these qualities, brimming with fearlessness, enthusiasm, and a drive to overcome obstacles. 

Aries becomes a beacon of light, dispelling darkness for others and sweeping away any shadows that may befall their loved ones. Aries’ approach to friendships is not always impartial and rational; it carries a hint of possessiveness and a desire to please. Once Aries designates someone as a friend, an invisible bond is formed, connecting them in inexplicable ways. 

They share meals, engage in leisure activities during free time, and ensure continuous communication even when physically apart. Aries and their friends interact from morning till night, attentively addressing every detail, no matter how insignificant. The recently popular term “friendship treasure” perfectly captures the essence of Aries. 

When they like someone, they express their fondness through constant presence. Merely exchanging a few words each day or lacking the impulse to be together at all times is not enough to satisfy their definition of liking someone. 

Aries, like children, never conceals their emotions of joy, anger, sorrow, or happiness when in the presence of trusted and close friends.

When they see their friends hanging out with others, Aries can become jealous, questioning why they weren’t invited and why they were left behind.If their actions upset their friends, Aries feels remorseful and seeks to make amends, suggesting activities their friends love or going to see the movies they’ve always wanted to watch.When their friends are feeling down, Aries offers comfort, suggesting indulging in a sumptuous meal to alleviate their worries. 

Aries is not shrewd when it comes to interpersonal relationships. They rely on their feelings to judge whether a relationship should continue or end. As long as a glimmer of hope remains, and as long as the harm inflicted by the other person hasn’t crossed a certain threshold or caused irreparable damage, Aries will never willingly let go of their friend’s hand. 

In reality, there are no secrets to getting along with Aries; responding to their enthusiasm with enthusiasm is key. The only thing to keep in mind is that when Aries is angry, you should take the initiative to provide them with a way to save face.

 Aries has two levels of anger:

The first level is a surface tantrum. When someone upsets them, they may pout and say a few hurtful words like, “I won’t play with you anymore” or “I won’t have meals with you anymore.” However, whenever a sentence begins with “never again,” it won’t be long before Aries changes their mind and cheerfully asks, “Where should we have our next meal?”

The second level is when Aries is genuinely upset. This is when you need to be more proactive. Aries approaches these situations with a win-or-lose mindset. If they have made a strong statement, they will not back down; that would be like slapping themselves in the face. Although they may act stubbornly and not initiate reconciliation, they silently observe your actions and reactions, which reflect the strength of the bond in their heart. This is when you need to approach their minor tantrums with a more tolerant attitude and a broader perspective, rather than stubbornly clashing with emotions. 
Aries needs emotional investment, not just the words “we are friends,” only to be remembered when help is needed. A relationship driven solely by purpose and self-interest is something Aries is unwilling to invest time and energy into. Aries also doesn’t need relationships that break over minor matters. How much genuine emotion can exist in such fragile relationships? 
What Aries truly craves is purity, the essence of initial connections. They seek friendships not based on resources or benefits but on mutual attraction, shared passionate souls, enabling them to traverse mountains and seas, holding each other’s hands.


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