May 2023 Horoscope for the Twelve Zodiac Signs

Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer Horoscope Predictions for July 2023
May Horoscope for the Twelve Zodiac Signs

Welcome to our monthly astrology predictions for the signs of Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer. In July, these signs can expect exciting opportunities for personal growth, enhanced relationships, and advancements in their careers. It’s a month filled with new perspectives and adventures that will broaden their horizons. So let’s delve into the astrological insights and guidance for the month ahead.


Dear Scorpio, July presents a wonderful opportunity for you to broaden your horizons and expand your perspective. This month, you have the chance to acquire new knowledge, explore different ideas, engage in educational pursuits, or embark on adventurous endeavors. Activities outside your usual routine, unconventional ventures, or spiritual journeys can play a significant role in refreshing your mind and senses.

On July 22nd, Venus begins its retrograde motion, which might bring some slowdowns or complications. Remember, these are temporary setbacks that ultimately serve a helpful purpose, although they may sometimes be frustrating. However, from the 10th onward, Mars harmoniously aligns with your sign, assisting you in taking smoother actions for the remainder of the month. If you’re willing, consider seeking support from friends. You are likely to be a key figure in your social circle, and you can successfully assume a leadership role within a team.

The Full Moon on the 3rd brings revelations related to your work, studies, mental well-being, and personal interests. There might be some rushed deadlines or past chaos that needs addressing, but it’s an exciting time to gain a better understanding of your passions.

The desire to break free from the constraints of everyday life is strong this month. Your enthusiasm is high, and you may have a thirst for expansion, learning, and personal growth. Pay special attention to activities that help you relax and unwind, but also leave room for liberating activities that enrich your mind and satisfy your desire for learning and discovery.

With Mars harmoniously interacting with your sign from the 10th, the resistance you face from people and circumstances in your life will diminish. It’s a time to step out of your comfort zone and create new experiences for yourself, even in small ways. You are in charge of your own happiness, instead of waiting for it to come to you. Accomplishing tasks feels easier during this period, and your emotional connection with friends and your role within friendships becomes stronger.

While your adventurous spirit is strong, love and happiness may become more complex from the 22nd onward. Venus retrograde until September 3rd can complicate matters in relationships. Others may not openly or directly express their needs or desires. You might need to review, reassess, or redo specific work projects.

Considering your current goals, it’s possible that they may take more time to achieve than anticipated. Don’t fret over setbacks as they present an opportunity to come up with better plans. Be patient and look for ways to improve existing projects rather than accepting new ones.

The slowdowns or obstacles you encounter are temporary and ultimately beneficial, although they can be frustrating at times. Your career or responsibilities may temporarily lose some “joy factors,” and you may revisit previous projects, encounter errors that need fixing, or experience delays that put you in a dilemma. There might be complex dynamics at work or waiting for a decision or plan to unfold. When you’re busy getting things done, you may not always address the inner matters that arise, but this is an opportunity to connect with what you truly enjoy and desire.

On the same day that Venus turns retrograde, the Sun moves into the top of your chart, highlighting your work, reputation, or responsibilities. You’re experiencing an energy shift toward career interests and clearer objectives. It’s helpful to tidy up areas in your life that might make you feel guilty or fearful. Assisting others or learning new things can be highly fulfilling. People turn to you for answers, expecting you to become more mature and responsible. Business matters take on increased importance.

You indeed have the chance to reconsider your career, long-term goals, or overall direction. Although there might be some obstacles along the way, you are preparing for significant improvements in these areas in the coming months.

The North Node enters your work and health sector, where it will stay for a year and a half. During this period, you’ll realize the power of orderliness, paying close attention to deadlines, details, and rules. Focusing on your daily tasks becomes crucial.


Dear Pisces, this month is perfect for leisure, recreation, and self-expression. A gentle and intuitive approach to life seems to work wonders. New beginnings in creative projects or matters of the heart will be significant. After the New Moon on the 17th, you’ll have the intuition to decide how to implement your plans. While emotions may indeed accelerate, Venus retrograde from the 22nd might bring some slowdowns or obstacles.

The Full Moon on the 3rd will reveal your responsibilities toward friends or groups. If you’ve been overly focused on your personal life, it’s time to extend a helping hand and remind others of their importance in your life. This month can awaken your feelings for someone or rekindle your interest in a particular project. Encouraged by friends, you’ll be inspired to pursue your dreams with utmost effort.

From the 10th onward, Mars enters your partnership sector. However, with Venus turning retrograde later in the month, conflicts with others, witlessness, or a lack of decorum may lead to unresolved issues for a while. Be mindful of this tendency and protect what you hold dear. Consider that a relationship can reflect your own desire for action. There may be plenty of activity in your interpersonal network or social life.

Consultation, organization, negotiation, and networking are the key focus areas. Seeking feedback from others or sharing the burden can be beneficial. Through your interactions and conversations, you’ll gain more clarity about your next steps.

In July, your attention often turns to creative projects, hobbies, joy, or romance. These aspects of your life need enhancement. You are highly attractive and able to inspire confidence. It’s crucial to express yourself in new and exciting ways. You’ll be encouraged to be more creative, romantic, indulgent, and entertaining.

As you focus on romance, pleasure, entertainment, and your personal life for most of July, as the month progresses, responsibilities and daily affairs become more significant. A comprehensive theme of work and health emerges in the final week of the month. It’s not sudden; these things have been gradually unfolding throughout the month. You’ll invest more energy into your chores and self-care plans, contemplating them further. You’ll be willing to put in the work on details to achieve long-term goals, which is admirable.

Venus retrogrades in your work and health sector starting on the 22nd. Delays or waiting periods concerning your health, daily routines, or work may arise. These matters will begin to recover in early September, requiring your patience and understanding. Reviewing past work or projects might be a trend, which can be beneficial for you. Revisiting past mistakes or issues might be a part of your work. If life feels mundane, or if the daily tasks, chores, and errands are causing you stress, it’s time to explore how to enhance the joyful aspects of these areas.

You can focus on treatments and handling health matters. In general, you’ll find that postponing projects is better than pushing or stimulating them. You’ll experience a strong desire for productivity this month but also a strong inclination to avoid excessive demands. Striking a balance is crucial.

The North Node enters your resources sector, where it will stay for a year and a half. During this cycle, happiness and challenges arise from understanding your values and self-worth. Personal income and valuable possessions or properties become focal points. You are learning to rely on yourself and build self-worth through your own efforts, and the rewards for doing so are tremendous.


Dear Cancer, in July, you’ll find yourself more inclined to experience the utmost joys of life. You’ll attract the right people and resources, and your interactions with others will be beneficial for your growth. This month, the focus is on your independence and personal needs. People will appreciate your viewpoints, and your communication or transportation choices will open up opportunities. Around the 3rd, your partner may have an important revelation, or you may see a relationship from a new perspective.

The first half of the month is quite favorable for you emotionally, as you make progress in reshaping yourself. It’s a time for self-reinvention. Your personal magnetism is strong in July, and you have the drive and space to effortlessly pursue personal plans. Around the Full Moon on the 3rd, you may find it hard to ignore your responsibilities to someone special, requiring your wholehearted dedication. You might gain insight into your relationship needs or reveal your true feelings.

It’s also a time to reassess your financial situation, dependencies, or emotional needs. However, it’s not an ideal period for major purchases or making new commitments. If you do spend a significant amount of money, you might regret it next month. It’s advisable to save money if possible. Starting from July 22nd, when Venus goes retrograde in your financial sector, you need to carefully review your expenses. Take the time to reconsider your sources of income and how you’ve been spending money during this period. Avoid major purchases until October if you can.

Aside from that, July is generally a season of fearlessness and bravery, where you don’t have to apologize for being yourself. This is especially true after the New Moon on the 17th, occurring in your own sign. It provides you with a burst of energy to take action on personal plans and showcase the best version of yourself.

Another significant event this month is the North Node entering your tenth house, where it will stay for 18 months. During this period, you’ll confidently assume your position and fulfill your responsibilities.

From the 10th onward, your daily life and routines will pick up pace. You’ll feel particularly passionate and driven to learn, share ideas, and engage in activities you enjoy. There may be some unexpected situations along the way, but with plenty on your plate, you’ll be busy and involved. It’s a great time to stay active, enjoy new activities, or participate in things you haven’t done in a while.

Starting from the 22nd, before proceeding with recent projects, business ideas, purchases, and financial plans, it’s advisable to gain better understanding. This period requires you to deal with unfinished financial matters or question whether others perceive your worth. In this cycle, lasting until September 2nd, you may find yourself questioning your level of comfort or income. 

It’s an excellent time to review your financial situation, budget, and gather financial information, but not for making significant new purchases. However, if you have a knack for finding deals, you might stumble upon some excellent bargains as people may sell things they wouldn’t under normal circumstances.

While you may not always feel confident and certain about your own feelings during Venus retrograde, it’s a good period to consider how your past approaches to attracting what you desire have served you. By examining these aspects of your life, you learn how to improve.

Starting from the 22nd, financial matters come into focus, although you remain sensitive to money and resources throughout the month. Some slowdowns in progress may occur. However, from the 10th, Mars harmonizes with your sign, aiding you in smoother actions. If you’re willing, you can call on friends for assistance. You may be a significant figure in your social network or team, or successfully take on a leadership role.




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