Dealing with an Angry Leo: How to Handle Their Temperament

Dealing with an Angry Leo How to Handle Their Temperament

Dealing with an Angry Leo: How to Handle Their Temperament

When faced with the proud and fiery nature of a Leo, is it really about learning to be a little coquettish? Leos, born under the fiery sign, have their unique ways of expressing anger. 

So, before you rush to interrogate or pester a Leo with questions like, “What are you thinking?” or “Do you still love me?” during their fit of anger, it’s essential to understand how they operate.

Leos tend to be brutally honest when they are angry, and their words may sound harsher than they intend. However, it’s crucial not to take their angry words too seriously because, in the heat of the moment, they’re focused on “winning” the argument. While they might hold the top spot for delivering cutting remarks, they often regret their words afterward. 

Leos have a strong sense of pride and find it challenging to approach the other person humbly, even when they know they’re partly at fault.

But if a Leo takes the initiative to console and reconcile, that’s often the furthest they can go. Don’t expect them to keep swallowing their pride and groveling for too long; both parties need to make amends. When a Leo’s anger subsides and they see the other person extending an olive branch, they are quick to reciprocate. Leos, in their unique way, are both proud and considerate, making them emotionally complex.

Handling a Leo: Learn to Coax

Dealing with a Leo requires learning the art of appeasement and coaxing. This approach is effective in both romantic and friendly relationships because Leos are inherently soft-hearted. When a Leo is upset with you, they might choose not to engage, but they won’t completely ignore you. They may delay responding but will eventually reach out once they’ve had time to process their emotions and calm down.

Giving a Leo a chance to digest their feelings is essential. If you offer them an opportunity to reconcile, they’re likely to accept it. Leos are known for their nostalgia and sensitivity; they don’t let a single mistake overshadow all the good times shared in the past. Even in the midst of an argument, Leos unconsciously recall the sacrifices and good deeds of the other person. This inner conflict of anger and guilt plagues them.

Therefore, a Leo’s resolution to be resolute and unwavering is challenging. In one moment, they can be furious with the other person’s carelessness, and in the next, they might flip through old photo albums, reminiscing about happier times and ultimately forgiving their partner. Leos can be unpredictable.

A Word of Caution: The Calm Before the Storm

If you aim to receive reciprocation for your love and efforts from a Leo, you’re likely to see results. When you have conflicts with a Leo, express your thoughts and how you’d like to resolve the issue openly and honestly. Avoid expecting immediate responses from them, as they dislike second-guessing your intentions. By being straightforward, you can eliminate their doubts and help them process their emotions more quickly.

However, it’s essential to remember that a Leo’s outbursts are generally easy to resolve. When they express anger, it’s because they feel wronged and need an outlet for their emotions. 

Strangely, when a Leo is extremely furious, they tend to become unusually calm, not wanting to speak or respond. It’s the calm before the storm, and it signifies their determination to leave without any warning. They exit discreetly, leaving no sign of their departure.




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