Pisces: The Paradox of Approval | Understanding the Enigmatic Water Sign

Pisces The Paradox of Approval Understanding the Enigmatic Water Sign

Pisces: The Paradox of Approval

Pisces, the twelfth sign of the zodiac, often presents a gentle and dreamy exterior to the world. Symbolized by the fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisceans are known for their compassion, artistic nature, and deep emotional sensitivity. However, beneath this seemingly soft facade lies a strong, resilient core that defies easy categorization. 

The question arises: does Pisces truly need validation and approval from others? 

This exploration delves into the paradoxical nature of Pisces, shedding light on why the need for recognition is not always a priority for these enigmatic water sign individuals.

Reference to your Sun sign and Ascendant, a macro interpretation of zodiac personalities, for reference only.

When asked if Pisces needs approval, most people would think that Pisces, being so gentle and delicate, must need recognition and affirmation, right?

But the reality is Pisces is truly just superficially soft; internally, they are strong and stubborn. What you think is all just your own assumption. Don’t assume Pisces needs approval based on some external appearances. To be more specific, not only do Pisces have abilities, but their abilities are often quite significant.

However, to say Pisces doesn’t need anyone’s approval at all is also a misconception. They are unique beings, sometimes craving for others to understand them, to allow their thoughts to be expressed quickly, yet they also fear being understood, having their secrets laid bare.

They are like a book that has not been flipped through by outsiders, needing someone to carefully open it and read it thoroughly. They do not understand any pretense, their mouths are not sweet enough, they won’t praise others without reason, nor will they deliberately cultivate relationships. Pisces believe that life is short, there’s no need to please anyone, even for immediate benefits. Even though wealth is important, it’s never more important than their dignity and love.

Pisces is a zodiac sign with few friends because most of the time, they are not very sociable. In their career, they focus on work and never mind others’ business. After work, they rarely attend friends’ gatherings; they find them boring with too many people, appearing somewhat unsociable. 

Pisces prefer to be alone in the lonely, sleepless night, counting sheep one by one, until they’ve counted ten thousand sheep, rather than easily, reaching out to those they haven’t contacted in a long time, as Pisces think it would be too embarrassing. They find the daytime too noisy, making it hard for them to contemplate life. If they have time at night, they will read a book, have a cup of tea, and indulge in endless fantasies.

Every Pisces has some artistic cells; they need to use painting, writing, or even music to fulfill their dreams, expressing their thoughts. If Pisces suppress these interests and hobbies, they will feel that “the world is not worth it.” Pisces have experienced the deepest and most painful emotions, so they don’t want to dwell on them. They prefer to avoid these issues and pursue farther and more beautiful goals.

Pisces is a rather romantic person; the ideal goddess in their hearts is one with classical beauty yet detached from worldly affairs. They believe only such a woman is worth spending a lifetime with. But life can’t always be ideal; there will inevitably be hardships and encounters with reality. 

If someone shows a materialistic side, Pisces will find it unbearable and naturally distance themselves from that person. Pisces always live in their own world, never considering the real world, which makes it difficult for others to understand. 

However, being too materialistic or too realistic is a hurdle they can’t overcome.

Although Pisces is a very emotional person, they also have principles. Sweet love is what Pisces yearn for most in their lives, but their love also comes with dignity. They do not allow themselves to love without dignity. Pisces cannot tolerate those who use love as an excuse to lose dignity. The bottom line Pisces set for themselves is to live with dignity.



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