Navigating a Relationship with Pisces: Avoiding Superficiality

Navigating a Relationship with Pisces: Avoiding Superficiality
Navigating a Relationship with Pisces: Avoiding Superficiality

When it comes to interacting with a Pisces, one must tread carefully and avoid any hint of superficiality. The act of being superficial carries a strong undertone of intentionality, something Pisceans are incredibly adept at discerning. They possess an innate ability to distinguish between genuine and insincere actions.

Even when a Pisces admires someone, they never demand attention or care in return. Pisceans firmly believe in the equality of emotions in any relationship; your respect and concern for them will be reciprocated in kind.

A Pisces friend once told me that being a Piscean doesn’t automatically equate to being unreliable or flaky. Instead, it’s a matter of how they treat different individuals. When a Pisces encounters someone who treats them with utmost sincerity and genuine kindness, they find themselves inclined to protect and cherish that connection. They won’t squander the rare gift of authentic affection.

Conversely, if someone consistently demonstrates unreliability or irresponsibility in the presence of a Pisces, they are likely to respond in kind. Pisceans dislike the idea of trying to reform or lecture others; it’s just too much trouble. Instead, they prefer a “tit for tat” approach. Your attitude towards them largely dictates their attitude towards you.

First and foremost, Pisceans abhor confrontation and addressing conflicts directly. They’d rather not face such situations if possible. Even when their emotions are less than stellar, Pisceans opt for silent contemplation to digest their feelings. This doesn’t imply a deliberate emotional distancing; it’s merely a strategy to prevent new conflicts, such as having to explain their emotional detachment to an inquiring party.

Pisces, however, will find it challenging to take a relationship to the next level with individuals who employ such tactics.

Pisceans are prone to developing feelings of dependence on others. But this dependence stems from the joy and pleasure the other person brings to their life. If that joy were to disappear, Pisces might question the necessity of the relationship.

Pisceans aren’t demanding when it comes to their requirements from others. All they seek is happiness. Pisceans are content because they comprehend the folly of insatiable desires; they know that those who perpetually yearn for more seldom find happiness.

A person who shares their taste in music, enjoys playing games, or simply indulges in culinary delights together can bring immense happiness to a Piscean. These are seemingly insignificant aspects of life, yet Pisceans derive profound contentment from them. It’s not because these occurrences are rare or extraordinary; it’s the presence of that special someone to share them with that makes the difference. Pisces treasures this unique and irreplaceable source of pure happiness and becomes more proactive in nurturing the relationship.

Pisceans, in return, wish to provide their partner with happiness as well.

Negative perceptions and emotions regarding someone accumulate gradually in the Piscean’s mind. It’s not a sudden occurrence, nor is it usually triggered by a single event. Instead, it’s the result of numerous small incidents piling up over time.

For instance, if a Piscean invites you to dinner, and you decline, citing prior commitments, they will understand. If you decline a second time due to not feeling well, they will still be accommodating. But when you decline a third time, saying, “Maybe some other time,” the Piscean’s patience wears thin.

If you don’t want to spend time with them, Pisceans would prefer direct communication. Superficiality and indifference frustrate them, leaving them bewildered. They’ve given numerous chances because they want to believe in you. However, if Pisces perceives a consistent lack of consideration, they will react accordingly.

Pisceans don’t engage in knee-jerk reactions; they won’t impulsively sever ties. Their decisions are rooted in a thorough analysis of your words, tone, and actions. Pisceans meticulously assess these details to determine the appropriate course of action.

Returning to our initial point, Pisceans possess the unique ability to discern whether your actions are intentional or unintentional. So, the key takeaway is simple: don’t be superficial. Enjoy each other’s company sincerely, and if you don’t wish to, don’t force it. This approach ensures a relaxed Piscean and, in turn, a relaxed you.




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