12 Zodiac Signs’ Phrases of “Scum Girl”!

12 Zodiac Signs Phrases of Scum Girl

Find out what scum girl say from 12 zodiac signs. Learn how they push people away while making them feel sorry for her.


“Don’t pursue me anymore. Can we be friends?” 

“I’m not good at dating. I’m afraid I’ll let your love down.”

Aries scum girls are good at flying kites. If you stay away from her, she will take the initiative to invite you out to play and cultivate feelings. But if you get too close to her, she will push you away and make it clear that she only wants to be friends.


“What gift do you want for XX Festival? I can give it to you!”

 “Do you want to eat XX? My treat!”

Taurus scum girls will “generously” invite you out to play, but you must understand that you need to prepare gifts and choose good restaurants, or there may not be a next time if it’s not up to her taste.


“XX and I are just ordinary friends. Don’t think too much.”

 “I feel that we are the same kind of people, and it’s easy to get along with you.”

Gemini scum girls will consider things from your perspective and make you feel like she understands you very well. Gradually, you will lose your defense.


“You are a very good boy. I’m lucky to have met you.” 

“If I can be your girlfriend, I can give up eating meat for a lifetime.”

Cancer scum girls will cautiously test your thoughts. As long as you have some intention, she will start to imply and say some warm and ambiguous words.


“Do you like me?”

 “Can you stop interfering with my affairs? It’s not your turn to make decisions!”

Leo scum girls are very sunny and direct when getting along with you. She will take the initiative to ask what you like about her, but if you intervene in her private life, she will immediately put up her defenses and keep a distance from you.


“I don’t have a brother. Can you be my brother?”

 “You can always talk to me when you’re sad!”

Virgo scum girls are gentle and you can tell her your heart’s secrets or concerns. Slowly, you will become close friends, and you will develop feelings for her.


“It must be very happy to be your girlfriend!”

 “It’s already my great fortune to know you!”

Libra scum girls are particularly good at flattering people. Regardless of whether you have a girlfriend or not, she will pretend to admire you. But if you take the initiative to show enthusiasm, she will deliberately avoid you and make you feel itchy.


“I don’t want to get into a relationship for now. I’m not ready.” 

“Don’t waste your time on me. There are plenty of good girls out there.”

Scorpio scum girls are experts in pulling and pushing. Although she has been pushing you away, she will say some helpless words to make you feel sorry for her. She doesn’t want to be in love because she only wants a fling.


“We are just good friends. Don’t think too much!” 

“We cannot be together, but I really don’t want to lose you as a friend!”

Sagittarius scum girls are experts in keeping backup guys. Once you fall into her hunting range, you cannot escape. She will keep you as her backup plan and take you out for a walk when she is in a good mood.


“If you think that way, I can’t do anything about it.”

“Don’t ask me about everything, okay? You make your own decisions.”

When a Capricorn woman wants to have fun, she’ll coax you into spending money and playing with her. When she doesn’t want you around, she’ll pretend to be very busy and tired, and demand that you don’t cling to her and be independent!


“You don’t have to change for me. I like you just the way you are!”

“Why do I like you so much? It’s my own fault!”

An Aquarius woman’s words are always full of meaning, expressing that she loves you and you are free. In fact, she is the one who is free. Whether you love her or not, please don’t cling to her too much.


“Is your girlfriend not angry? Did I not affect your relationship?”

“I feel like only you can understand my feelings!”

A Pisces woman is very good at acting weak and pitiful, and will try to ruin your relationship with your girlfriend. She’ll even play the victim in front of you, making you think that she’s the only one who truly understands you. Once she succeeds, she won’t cherish you anymore.



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