Astrology Insights: Zodiac Men’s Fascination with Contrasting Women

Astrology Insights Zodiac Men's Fascination with Contrasting Women

Astrology Insights: Zodiac Men's Fascination with Contrasting Women

In the realm of astrology, the preferences of men based on their zodiac signs often unfold a fascinating narrative. This exploration delves into the intriguing choices of Virgo, Cancer, Taurus, and Scorpio men when it comes to their ideal women. 

Each sign harbors distinctive desires, and understanding these preferences provides valuable insights into the dynamics of their relationships. 

Let’s embark on a journey through the contrasting worlds of these zodiac men and the women who captivate them.

Virgo Man

Virgo men, in fact, generally have a significant contrast between their outer and inner selves.
It’s commonly known as “shy but charming.”

But compared to Capricorn, it’s a bit better, and the contrasting feeling isn’t too strong.

The reason is that Virgo men usually leave a strong impression on strangers, and the contrasting feeling might be especially strong later. Because once Virgo men get close and familiar with people, they are actually quite fun. Their personalities are interesting, and many jokes they throw might be hard for you to catch.

The girls they like with a contrasting charm are mainly those with a difference in attitude.
How should I put it?

When you first see Virgo men, if they are attracted by looks, temperament, and external qualities, they tend to lean towards those who have a bit of a cold and aloof type.

For example, those who wear masks, have a chilly and silent gaze, and tie a high ponytail, giving off a distant vibe.
Many Virgo men are really defenseless against this type of girl; they can be easily attracted to these girls in a crowd.
A bit cool, aloof, and difficult to approach.

And then, if you become familiar with Virgo men, even get into a relationship, during the interaction, if this girl maintains the initial demeanor towards others but shows a cute, lively, and clingy side in front of the Virgo man, he will really be very, very, very responsive to it.

He feels that for this girl, he is unique. This girl genuinely cares about him.
This point is crucial for Virgo men.

Because we know that Virgo men, in fact, have a strong possessiveness, although they find it challenging to express. And they feel that if you love me, you should act cold and indifferent to all other opposite genders, only showing affection and sweetness to me, even if you act differently in front of me.

This is Virgo men.

And as I mentioned before, Virgo men belong to the typical type where the better you treat him, the more he genuinely loves you.

Although behavior-wise, it might seem like you’re making all the effort, if you are too clingy, it’s actually him who can’t live without you.

Once he gets used to it, Virgo men find it challenging to change, even consider it unnecessary to change.

And they firmly believe that what they insist on is good.

The habits they adhere to are good, the direction they adhere to is right, and the person they love is also the most outstanding.
If they think you’re not good, perfectionist Virgo men won’t genuinely invest in this relationship from the beginning.

So, in terms of “attitude,” the contrast between how you treat him and how you treat other opposite genders.

If there’s such a contrast between your initial coolness in front of Virgo men and the later sweet and affectionate behavior, Virgo men will truly feel like they’ve hit the jackpot.

Cancer Man

Cancer men are typically attracted to girls with a complete contrast between their inner and outer selves.
I’m talking about personality.

Cancer men are easily attracted from the start to those cute, neat, and somewhat fragile girls.
This fragility doesn’t refer to the icy beauty type.

Cancer men generally prefer girls who appear healthy.

By fragility, I mean those who seem non-threatening, harmless, gentle, and give off a feeling of needing protection.
So you know why many Cancer men are easily attracted when they first see Pisces girls.
It’s for this reason.

But if you think Cancer men only like girls who need protection, you’re wrong.
Cancer men do enjoy taking care of others, being affectionate, loving home, spending long periods with the girls they like, doing ordinary and simple things together.

They find it very heartwarming and happy.
However, that’s when nothing is happening.

Once faced with any setbacks, challenges, or anything that needs to be dealt with, honestly speaking, Cancer men really want a girl who, even without his help, can independently handle and carry the burden.

Whether you can carry it or not is another matter; whether Cancer helps you carry it is also another matter.

But you must have that attitude, that determination, that look of being able to solve things on your own.
It’s that resolute and slightly capable appearance.

Cancer men are truly devoted.

Outwardly harmless, pure as a little flower, inwardly firm, independent, with their thoughts.

Handling such girls is genuinely easy for Cancer men.

We know that Cancer men themselves have a bit, how should I say it, I’ve mentioned before that Cancerians have a hard shell on the outside and are soft inside.

They like girls who are completely opposite to themselves.

Soft on the outside, firm on the inside.

Both are acceptable.

Taurus Man

Taurus men truly like the type that appears conservative on the outside, looks like a good baby, and then, when facing him, especially in intimate moments, has a particularly charming type. 

Taurus is also a zodiac sign that places a significant emphasis on senses and pleasures.

Not just in bed but also in areas like food, life, clothing, etc. Not seeking grandiosity but at least making him feel very comfortable.
So, they are generally attracted to those who seem very well-behaved and conservative, or, say, goddess-like. In short, there are two extremes: either a cute girl who hasn’t grown up, or a very goddess-like and unattainable girl. 

To sum it up, it’s someone who looks very tightly wrapped up, conservative, and introverted, or someone inexperienced in worldly affairs.

And with a personality that is a bit cute and interesting. If you have also studied broadcasting, that’s even better.
You should know that 60% of Taurus men are voice-oriented.

And if you can change your tone to play various roles.

But what was just mentioned is the surface.

Once alone, Taurus men really can’t help but have some thoughts. Even if he pretends to be calm and collected, not showing any changes in expression or heartbeat, his mind is already a mosaic of images.

They really like women who take the initiative.

This can be seen just from the aspect of pursuing an object.

If you don’t take those 99 steps, Taurus might not take that one step either.

So, when alone, Taurus men also enjoy seeing you in the eyes of others, appearing shy and cute in front of everyone.

Then in front of him, looking like you can’t wait to devour him.

They really enjoy this contrasting feeling.

One is because of their possessiveness, which is somewhat similar to Virgo.

The other is that they themselves are the type who holds back a lot outside, especially in emotions and expressing feelings. When releasing emotions, they genuinely hope you can cooperate.

So, if you look like that kind of obedient and cute jumping and bouncing girl, or a cold and distant goddess who warns others not to get close, and then, especially in intimate moments, you can relax and unload all burdens, believe me, Taurus men will definitely love you to death.

Scorpio Man

Scorpio men are the complete opposite type to Taurus men in this aspect.

Scorpio men like that contrasting feeling.

It’s like you look very easy to get, many people are pursuing you, you look like a bad womanizer, you look like a trashy queen. But!

Those men have been chasing you for a long time without any success,

You look bad but are actually very kind, always unable to resist smiling when seeing small animals,

Everyone thinks you have a pond full of fish, but in reality, you love to tease, but after teasing, you run away.

Scorpio men are easily attracted to those sexy, unique, and mysterious women.

But being attracted is one thing; Scorpio men finding it hard to genuinely like them is another. Trashy Scorpios might want to play around.

But once, in the process of getting along with Scorpio men, if this woman shows the contrasting charm I mentioned earlier, Scorpio men will really easily fall for it.

Scorpio men are actually inherently very lonely.

When they find a woman with this kind of contrasting charm, they will feel a kinship.

We know that Scorpio men are inherently mysterious, making people feel very profound and unfathomable. But Scorpio men, except for trashy Scorpios, I won’t discuss them today, when Scorpio really falls in love with someone, the depth of their feelings and the care they give can truly be described as unwavering until death.

In this aspect, Scorpio men feel that few people genuinely understand them.

So if, on a woman’s body, she also possesses this kind of contrasting quality of looking very bad but actually warm and kind, Scorpio men really find it hard not to fall for it.

They will feel that this woman actually has a soft heart.

And the outward things are just a way of protecting themselves.

Just like him.



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