How Long Should You Date Before Discussing Marriage With Each Zodiac Sign?

Discussing Marriage With Each Zodiac Sign
How long is it appropriate to discuss marriage with each zodiac sign?

Are you wondering when to bring up the topic of marriage with your zodiac sign partner? It’s no secret that different zodiac signs have different attitudes towards marriage. Some are impulsive, while others are cautious. 

In this article, we’ll delve into the most appropriate time to discuss marriage with each zodiac sign, so you can better navigate your relationship and understand your partner’s expectations.


Aries is impulsive when it comes to choosing marriage, but if they lose that impulsiveness, they won’t get married. After dating for about six months to a year and if your personalities and temperaments are compatible, then you don’t need to test them any longer.


It takes at least two years to be with Taurus before considering marriage. This zodiac sign is slow to warm up and needs to confirm that you are the right person for them in all aspects before planning to get married. If you want to get married soon after dating, Taurus may be scared away.


After about a year, you can consider marrying Gemini. It’s best to discuss marriage while you are in the honeymoon phase because being together for too long and being too familiar may not be conducive to entering into marriage.


About two years is the most suitable time to marry Cancer because both of you will have enough time to understand each other and work together for your future. If you spend too much time together and Cancer becomes aware of too many of your flaws, they may lose the courage to get married.


You have to marry Leo while they still have a fresh feeling for you, and about a year and a half is the most suitable time because during this time, you will have enough time to understand each other. This zodiac sign is impatient and will want to get married immediately when they love you. However, do not marry them within 10 months without fully understanding their temperament.


If you want to marry Virgo, you must go through a long period of love, at least three years or more. They have a trial period for their partners, which lasts at least two years. Also, both of you need to have stable income to support your life before they can step into marriage with peace of mind.


Libra is easy to get tangled up and hesitant about marriage, so you need to let them go through this confusing stage before marrying them. This will take at least two to three years, and you need to let them figure out if you are suitable for each other. Do not rush into marriage because of passion or impulse.


There is no specific time frame for marrying Scorpio. If they choose to be with you, it means they have already figured out that you are suitable for marriage. Scorpio is very goal-oriented, and dating is for the purpose of getting married. Therefore, you can take six months to a year to understand and familiarize yourself with them, and if there are no doubts, you can consider getting married.


If you have been dating Sagittarius for two years and haven’t discussed marriage, you can probably start packing up and breaking up. Sagittarius knows whether or not they want to marry someone after about a year of dating. If they drag on for two years without any thoughts about marriage, it means they don’t see you as a marriage partner.


If Capricorn has a certain financial foundation, and your income can support your life, they will marry you after dating for about three years. Capricorn is cautious, and they won’t enter into marriage lightly. Once they get married, your material needs will be guaranteed, and your quality of life will steadily improve.


Aquarius is the easiest to elope and divorce, so there isn’t a specific time frame for when to get married. Some people may run a long marathon with them for 10 or 20 years and not get a wedding, while others may just meet twice and get married. In short, the decision to get married is based on their mood.


After about a year of dating, you can marry Pisces because they are always honest in their relationships, and they will let you see their true selves. If you have been together for a year without any objections or barriers, you can choose to step into marriage.




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