Star Signs to Beware of Falling in Love With – A Cautionary Tale

Star Signs to Beware of Falling in Love With – A Cautionary Tale

Star Signs to Beware of Falling in Love With – A Cautionary Tale

Gemini Man:

I’ve mentioned Gemini men before. They are the type of people who can ‘act’ with certain individuals because they have some ulterior motives. They can pretend to be very friendly and maintain a good interaction with you when it’s beneficial for them, like if they want to enter a certain circle or if they see you as having some utility value. 

But the most annoying thing is that their ‘act’ is sometimes very perfunctory. When you think back on your interactions with a Gemini man, you’ll often find yourself feeling frustrated because what he says doesn’t seem like his true thoughts, yet it’s hard to find concrete evidence to prove it. 

If you don’t expose them, you’ll just feel uneasy. This is when a Gemini man isn’t taking you seriously. It’s really annoying. They are not like the fellow Air signs, Aquarius and Libra. Aquarius men don’t care about you, and they will simply tell you to leave if they have no use for you, even if you’re useful to them. Libra men will act surprised if you don’t care, leaving you baffled. But Gemini men are different; they are very slick. 

When they want to be worldly-wise, they can be incredibly worldly-wise, even more so than Pisces. In summary, I want to tell you that if you’ve fallen in love with a Gemini man who doesn’t really like you but doesn’t reject you and continues to give you hope and engage with you, it’s most likely because he’s ‘using’ you or sees potential use for you in the future. Do you understand what I mean? It’s very uncomfortable. 

Unless a Gemini man truly loves you, if not, you’re in for a hard time. Gemini men have many tricks, and they know how to set traps to get you interested, so you end up in the typical situation where one day they sell you out, and you’re left counting money while crying. Why not count money with a smile? 

As I mentioned earlier, in the process of dealing with a Gemini man, whether you’re in an ambiguous relationship or he claims to like you, you don’t feel that genuine connection. However, their tactics keep you hooked. So, you know he’s lying to you or using you, but you’re still enthralled. It’s really unfortunate.

Cancer Man:

Don’t fall in love with Cancer men, don’t fall in love with Cancer men, don’t fall in love with Cancer men. It’s worth repeating three times. In the core of Cancer men, their emotional needs are extremely massive, so massive that they’re like a black hole, constantly absorbing your emotions and incessantly demanding from you. 

Many people wonder why Cancer men are so ‘central air conditioning.’ I’ll tell you why: fundamentally, it’s all for taking and returning. Everything they provide to you comes with a price. The emotional value they give you must be reciprocated at least equally. If you can’t reciprocate, when a Cancer man leaves you, he can make you feel terrible. 

Like you’ve become a stranger. This is why many girls who are used to having Cancer men around them can’t move on. Even if a Cancer man returns to them, they are very likely to accept him again because of their attachment to the emotional value he provides. No one can offer emotional value as tender and caring as Cancer men. 

They can provide you with a unique experience of love. Even if you’re not in a romantic relationship, you’d still feel that what this guy gives you is hard to replace. That’s the terrifying part. It’s like an addictive substance that, once removed, has nothing to replace it. Going back to what I said about the black hole earlier, Cancer men, even if you’re together, regardless of whether it’s an ambiguous relationship or he just likes you, as long as he hasn’t fallen in love with you, this Cancer man will continue to subtly and relentlessly demand emotional value from you. 

You have to be loving, caring, and good to him. What’s more, you’ll be surprised to find out that Cancer men can be very emotional, especially as you get to know them better. Suddenly, they’re upset, suddenly they turn and leave, suddenly they go missing, and then suddenly they reappear, becoming sweet and caring again. Really, who can endure this constant back and forth? 

They torment you, and you’re already drained, and you still have to squeeze out the emotional value they need. Truly, it’s a sorry situation.

Sagittarius Man:

As I’ve mentioned before, Sagittarius men are like the wind, here one moment and gone the next. You can’t hold onto them. Sagittarius men only pursue those they are interested in. They will never remember the person who went through hardships to see them; they will only remember the person they went through hardships to find. Do you understand what I mean? So, Sagittarius men are not suitable to be loved by others. 

They don’t really need it. In simple terms, Sagittarius men need love, but this love must be something they give first, and the feedback they receive from the other person makes them feel loved. It’s like they received love because they made an effort. This is what makes Sagittarius men feel valuable and meaningful. It’s not because you are showing affection and love to them, and they feel it’s love. No, in the eyes of a Sagittarius man, this kind of love has absolutely no value. 

Because they don’t lack this kind of love. Sagittarius men are generally cheerful, have charming personalities, and are usually good-looking. Even if they aren’t exceptionally attractive, a humorous soul can capture the hearts of many girls. Always remember, what’s scarce is precious. They lack something, you provide it. 

This applies to all men. So, I’m saying, don’t fall in love with Sagittarius men, and even if you do, pretend you don’t love them at all. Additionally, Sagittarius men tend to flirt with many girls and always have messy relationships that are hard to cut off. Unless it’s true love, and they can forsake their freedom, compromise, and leave all the other girls behind, Sagittarius men will always initially twist and turn, then suddenly disappear one day. 

Why do they disappear? Because they find you troublesome, or the relationship has become complicated, and they can’t handle it. So they disappear for a while. In any case, with Sagittarius men, you must not actively love them. 

I just said this kind of love is not considered love in their concept; it has no value. Remember this, ladies.

Taurus Man:

In this world, you can achieve anything through hard work, except for love. No matter how hard you try, it might be useless. This is something that any girl who has pursued a Taurus man for a month, two months, a year, two years, ten years, or twenty years can understand. If a Taurus man hasn’t taken a liking to you, that stubborn heart of his is something you’ll never win over. 

No matter how hard you try, how hurt you get, how much you give, no matter how many obstacles you overcome, even if you stand in front of him battered and bruised, a Taurus man will just look at you coldly. Taurus men typically don’t pay attention to girls who pursue them, provided that they don’t like the girl. Thankfully, Taurus men are generally straightforward when they aren’t interested in a girl, and they won’t drag things out like Sagittarius or Gemini men. 

This is one of the best things about Taurus men. Unless they have a “need” and temporarily don’t have a suitable partner or someone they’re interested in, they might pretend to maintain a seemingly romantic relationship with you, but in reality, it’s only because they have a “need.” Do you understand what I’m hinting at? 

Because Taurus men are primarily driven by “desire” and “lust.” It’s just that these desires are deeply concealed within them. They can be on par with some of the more earthly signs, like Scorpio, but unlike Scorpio, they are more discreet about it. For Taurus and some other Earth signs, the desires are often hidden, but they are no less intense. Girls who have been with Taurus men know that many Taurus men appear upright in public but turn into beasts in bed. 

Well, let’s not stray too far. Besides this, purely in terms of emotions, Taurus men are quite detached. I’ve mentioned before that Taurus men are a self-contained zodiac sign. Their emotional and spiritual systems are self-sufficient, so if they don’t want to invite you into their world, all the arrows on their city walls are aimed at you. 

This is why there’s no progress bar for pursuing a Taurus man. There’s none. Absolutely none. When a Taurus man doesn’t want to give you a chance, no matter how much you’re hurt or how much effort you put in, even if you’ve been through hell and back, if you can’t win him over, a Taurus man’s heart won’t waver a bit. 

A Taurus man will never be with someone because he’s moved; he won’t be with anyone. This is what makes Taurus men appear cold and ruthless. 

Because some zodiac signs will always have some compassion or some doubts, but Taurus men won’t. If a Taurus man shows the slightest hesitation, it means he has taken a liking to you. Do you understand what I mean? But here’s another thing, even if he likes you and you’ve taken 98 steps, and he still hasn’t taken a single step, as soon as you stop, he might eliminate you. 

So this is why I say, don’t fall in love with Taurus men. Unless he falls in love with you too, you can put in all the effort and take the initiative, do whatever you want; everything will naturally happen as he pretends to be passive and cooperates with you. 

But if he truly doesn’t have any feelings for you and initially rejects you, girl, let it go. 

Really. It’s not your fault, you are not at fault. Taurus signs are just extremely picky.”




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