The Zodiac Signs that Crave Physical Affection: Love and Embrace Them

The Zodiac Signs that Crave Physical Affection Love and Embrace Them

The Zodiac Signs that Crave Physical Affection: Love and Embrace Them

In the world of astrology, each zodiac sign possesses unique characteristics and preferences when it comes to love and physical affection. While some signs are naturally more open to embracing, others may initially resist it but secretly yearn for those intimate moments. 

In this exploration, we’ll delve into four specific zodiac signs that have distinct attitudes towards physical touch: Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, and Scorpio. 

Understanding their needs and desires can lead to more profound connections and fulfilling relationships. So, let’s unravel the mysteries of the zodiac and discover how to love and embrace these signs in unique ways.

4th Place: Aquarius

First of all, we have to admit that Aquarius is a zodiac sign that relatively resists physical contact. When you get close to them, even if they are familiar with you, Aquarians will always maintain a certain safe distance. You will notice that they display some resistance even in situations involving physical contact.

Why is that? It’s because Aquarius is inherently a solitary sign. “The Solitary Sufferer” could be their theme song. They are extroverted loners. The lyrics go like this: “I don’t want love songs that make me cry, to remind me when I need you, I may look calm on the surface, but it’s not a defense, it’s just to make you understand.” 

This represents Aquarius’ inner thoughts. Do you understand it? Do you get it? Do you understand? Aquarius won’t tell you that they need you; they are a bit stubborn. But once they genuinely love you, they will absolutely, definitely need your embrace, your hug, and your kisses.

These things are truly what they lack. I used “truly” three times. It’s because their daily resistance is the reason for their deficiency. Thus, when it comes to acts of affection, Aquarius becomes particularly sensitive and appreciative. If you genuinely love an Aquarius, try hugging them. 

Even if they resist a bit at first, that’s fine. Be a little persistent. Trust me, they will deeply remember the warmth of your sincere embrace. Even when they’re alone in the future, they’ll remember this warmth to comfort themselves. You will become a very special person in their memory.

3rd Place: Pisces

Pisces are actually quite easy to trust others, and they are very susceptible to words. If someone doesn’t raise their guard, Pisces will believe anything they hear. Regardless of what a person says, as long as Pisces doesn’t have a reason to be cautious about them, their initial reaction will be to believe it. 

Because of this trait, Pisces have absolute trust in the words of those they have faith in. This leads to the fact that Pisces can fall in love based on words alone and without physical contact.

In simpler terms, online relationships with Pisces are very likely to succeed. If you look around your friends, you’ll find that many long-lasting online relationships are with Pisces individuals. They can maintain a Platonic form of love; they can sustain love without physical contact using their strong inner imaginative world.

But why did I say you should hug them if you love them? It’s because of a key point: dreams. Dreams are the most important thing for Pisces, even above all else. All Piscean relationship failures stem from shattered dreams, from when they can no longer see hope. Even if there’s a glimmer of hope left, they can hang on.

Don’t underestimate Pisces’ persistence. It’s also an obsession. Pisces doesn’t necessarily need to see or touch you. They can connect with you through your shared dreams and their emotional inner world.

In simpler terms, you can make various promises to Pisces, such as “I will love you forever,” “I will reply instantly when you message me,” “I’ll always be there for you online,” “I will always care about you.” 

These promises are acceptable, and Pisces will believe you. But you can’t promise, “I will visit you next month; I’ll always be by your side; I’ll be there when you need me.” These promises are not acceptable. Why? Because such promises regarding physical contact give Pisces hope. 

However, if you can’t fulfill what you say and you don’t hug or kiss them, then it’s over for Pisces. Their hope is shattered, and their dreams are broken.

Do you understand what I mean? Pisces don’t necessarily need these things, but if you want to give them, you need to do it properly. They lack a sense of security. So if you promise to do something, you must deliver on it; otherwise, it’s almost equivalent to betrayal for Pisces. 

I’ve said this before: you can make all sorts of promises to Pisces, and they will believe you. But you should only promise what you can actually do. If you don’t give them unrealistic hope, the relationship can continue. As long as you stay by their side, Pisces will definitely need your physical affection to prove your love and care. 

The more you show your affection, the more weight their trust in your promises like “I love you” or “I’ll always be by your side” carries.

Pisces are willing to bear the “weight” of your promises.

2nd Place: Aries

Aries is the most action-oriented among the twelve zodiac signs. Their thoughts may not be there yet, but their actions are. When they love someone, their most direct expression is the desire for physical intimacy. This is more pronounced in Aries men than in Aries women, but Aries women are no exception.

However, during the initial stages of a relationship, Aries may not be that physically affectionate. The closer you get and the more established your relationship, the more urgent Aries becomes. Aries women are especially bold in expressing their desires.

These observations are mainly related to private settings. In public, Aries individuals are quite reserved. Even though they want to embrace you, their eyes might sparkle with desire, but they will remain outwardly composed. If you try to kiss them, they will push you away and say, “Don’t!” while laughing.

Aries is truly an adorable zodiac sign. It’s like they never grow up; they are forever little boys and girls. They are simultaneously innocent and passionate. Their passion can burn you like fire.

For such passionate and eager individuals, if you don’t initiate physical affection or demonstrate your desire for them, what do you think they’ll feel? Aries always express their feelings directly. They don’t beat around the bush. In private, when no one is around, you can be yourself without hesitation, and you can do what you want without restraint. 

If you don’t hug them, if you don’t show your need for them, what do you think they’ll think? Their thought process is not as complex as some of the more rational signs. Some signs might think, “They are too tired today, so I won’t bother them,” or “They are under a lot of stress from work, and they don’t have time for me.” 

Aries doesn’t think this way. Aries will directly conclude that if you don’t want to hug them or kiss them, you must not love them. This is very easy to understand. As I mentioned earlier, Aries is forever a child—sometimes a boy and sometimes a girl.

So, just think of children. When they seek affection, and adults don’t pay attention to them, they might cry and say, “Mom doesn’t love me!” You get the idea.

1st Place: Scorpio

Scorpio is the zodiac sign that governs the 8th house of the zodiac.

What is the 8th house? It’s the house of desire.

The majority of Scorpio individuals have very strong sexual tension and immense sexual charm. Every move they make is alluring, attracting who? Attracting the opposite sex.

All of this comes from the inherent sexual charisma within them. Accompanying sex is certainly desire. Do you understand what I mean?

In some sense, love for Scorpio is born out of sexual desire. So for this kind of sign, one that’s driven by desire, if you don’t initiate physical contact, if you don’t prove your passionate love, if you don’t demonstrate your desire for them, how can Scorpio maintain this love with you?

Scorpio will always feel that you genuinely like them because you want to embrace them. In Scorpio’s perspective, love and sex can exist together. Loving because of sex, they believe it’s possible. Having sex because of love, there’s nothing wrong with it.

But regardless of how you look at it, sex and love are both indispensable. Do you understand what I mean?

Many people have misunderstood Scorpio before, thinking that Scorpio can completely separate love and sex. As long as you can sleep with them, that should be enough. Let me tell you, they are completely wrong. This is because Scorpio doesn’t lack options. Therefore, they are very selective.

Scorpio is proud and unapproachable. How could they allow just anyone to get close to their body? To kiss and hug them at will? It’s not possible.

If Scorpio is only meeting you for something casual, they must have some feelings for you. They will use these post-encounter feelings to decide whether they should continue contact with you, even if the order might be reversed from what others expect, it doesn’t matter. Even if you’ve loved someone for a long time, if you find them unattractive or unresponsive during intimate moments, you can see how much love you have left.

But let’s get back on track.

For Scorpio, the most fundamental requirement is to have hugs, kisses, and intimacy. Only these gestures can make them feel your genuine and intense love. You don’t need these gestures to melt their ice-cold hearts. You don’t need a few sweet words. Do you think Scorpio is naive? Is that what you believe? 

Scorpio is not. They will only go to bed with someone they like. They will use the feeling that comes after to decide whether they should continue contact with you. Keep in mind that Scorpio’s desire for love is deep, not superficial.




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