Zodiac Men Who Separate Love and Marriage

Zodiac Men Who Separate Love and Marriage

Zodiac Men Who Separate Love and Marriage

Many people think about marriage only after experiencing love, but there is a group of men who can truly separate love and marriage. They are clear about what kind of marriage they want in the future. This group can be described as men with principles or, more bluntly, as exceptionally realistic men.


Gemini men are the type that, when in love, if they haven’t met someone they really like, someone they have a strong connection with, they may choose not to be in a relationship at all. Of course, they can be in a relationship with anyone casually; it doesn’t matter to them. They won’t lose out anyway.

While most Gemini men are not reckless, when it comes to marriage, they become very serious. Firstly, their freedom cannot be overly restricted. They know that entering into marriage means giving up a lot of their freedom and taking responsibility for the family. However, if there is someone who can make their life easier or happier without compromising their freedom, they are completely open to marriage.

Gemini men rarely marry someone they are deeply in love with. This is because Gemini, being an air sign, often falls in love impulsively. They are aware that the intensity of their love might fade after the initial excitement. More importantly, Gemini understands that being too in love with someone can lead to a fear of loss, making them give up everything, including the freedom they cherish and their natural inclination for novelty.

After all, the love for novelty extends beyond material interests to include women. Gemini men also have a keen appreciation for fresh experiences. They are aware that if they are too deeply in love, they might become insecure and may wonder if, one day, they will change their minds and hurt the woman they currently love. 

So, when it comes to marriage, Gemini men’s first reaction is that they don’t need someone they love; they need someone who brings them “benefits” and can peacefully coexist with them, allowing them to maintain their freedom. 

Even if she doesn’t love him very much, it’s okay. Believe me, many Gemini men genuinely think this way from the bottom of their hearts. So, when Gemini men’s wives consider divorce, they often ask me whether their husbands really love them or not. I always say it doesn’t matter; what matters is what you can still offer him and whether you are too controlling, too restrictive, or too interfering in his life.


Capricorn is a very realistic sign. They may have someone they deeply love, but usually, it remains in the realm of memories. Many Capricorn men have had very little contact with the person they love the most throughout their lives. For many Capricorn men, encountering true love is accompanied by a mindset that goes like this: “She’s great, and I can give her everything good in the world, but I’m not enough right now. I’ll work harder, and when I’m worthy of her, I’ll find her.” And then they miss the opportunity, and there’s no turning back.

Unless, of course, the true love happens to like Capricorn and is very proactive. In that case, the Capricorn man is quite fortunate. But as we all know, truly loving each other deeply and reciprocally over the long term is very rare. I often advise the ladies around me: If you meet someone you really like, and he happens to like you too, it’s truly not easy. Both parties should cherish it, especially as you get older; such people become even harder to find.

Speaking of age, Capricorn is a sign that generally marries later in life. The reason is not far from what was mentioned earlier because they always feel they are not ready yet or the time has not come. But that’s not the case.

Capricorn’s attitude towards love and marriage is entirely different; they are not even remotely related. For Capricorn, love is good to have, but it’s also okay not to have it. As mentioned earlier, when Capricorn encounters a girl he likes, he thinks he can wait, as the time is not right. 

But when it comes to marriage, Capricorn immediately thinks about all the values he can provide to the woman and what he lacks. What values can the woman provide to him, and what is she lacking? Can both parties complement each other, and will being together be mutually beneficial? If yes, then the marriage can happen.

As for the girl he deeply loves, as long as she is happy, it’s good. What he can’t provide for her, other men can. Regrets are inevitable; everyone has some regrets in life.


Just as Scorpio men can separate love and intimacy, the concepts of love and marriage have entirely different weights in Scorpio’s mind. Love is crucial, and intimacy is also essential. Of course, if they can have both love and intimacy, it’s perfect.

In Scorpio’s core, love is significant, and intimacy is also crucial. However, the requirements for love and marriage are entirely different. Firstly, when it comes to love, if the woman betrays him, to some extent, it can be forgiven. Do you understand what I mean? That’s why many Scorpio men, even though they really hate betrayal, if their girlfriend sincerely apologizes and genuinely changes, as long as there is still love, they are easily forgiven, and the relationship can be restored.

In marriage, Scorpio, on the other hand, is even more controlling towards the woman in love. At this point, Scorpio follows his feelings, and emotions take the upper hand. If the woman betrays him in marriage, he emotionally cannot handle it. However, in marriage, Scorpio is not too controlling; they don’t check up too much. But if he discovers that the woman is unfaithful, divorce is non-negotiable. The fundamental reason is that Scorpio has different requirements for love and marriage.

Scorpio’s attitude towards marriage is more rational. As mentioned before, Scorpio is a sign very responsible for the family. Even if he is a scoundrel, he won’t neglect his family after marriage. At this point, rationality takes over, and he feels he has responsibilities. The woman at home, no matter how good or bad, is his family and legally belongs to him. This concept is entirely different.

So, under the influence of rationality, Scorpio feels that one should be mature at this age. If the woman is having an affair, he cannot accept such immature behavior. 

Regarding extramarital affairs, Scorpio men are a bit double standard. They demand complete loyalty from their marriage partners. However, in a love relationship, he can be more tolerant. If we talk about the weight of both, purely in terms of emotions, the girl he loves is undoubtedly more critical. 

But overall, in Scorpio men’s hearts, the wife is the most crucial one. No matter how much of a scoundrel he is, this won’t change. And the most fundamental reason comes from Scorpio’s fear of betrayal and lack of security. The chances of betrayal in marriage are lower than in love relationships, although this varies from person to person, the probability is generally lower.

It is this higher probability that allows Scorpio men, who lack a sense of security, to feel more reassured in marriage.


Taurus men are a bit different from the previous three zodiac signs. We know that Taurus is a sign that is very good at planning. Everything goes according to his plan, and if there is a deviation, he will correct his plan or behavior accordingly. Everything is done to strive for the ultimate goal.

So, regarding love and marriage, it can be said that Taurus is planning for married life from the beginning. But love, well, let’s say it is just a small part of the marriage plan, and a very small part at that.

So, I’ll tell you, many people think Taurus is taciturn, passive, and won’t take the initiative to confess to someone they like. Yes, on the surface and at the most basic level, that’s true. But what is the real, deep-down reason?

It’s because Taurus men don’t think that this person corresponds to their plan.

Firstly, it’s possible that this girl appeared at the wrong time. At this point, it’s not the time for him to be in a relationship; his focus should be on his career or education, etc. Even if he likes this girl, Taurus won’t express it. At most, he’ll silently observe and try to maintain contact. Taurus hopes that when he reaches the time point when he should be in a relationship, this girl might still be around.

This is why many Taurus men, when you go after them, they tell you about their current focus and future plans. They talk for a long time, and you don’t understand what they’re trying to convey. You might think Taurus is rejecting you with academics or career. Actually, if Taurus is willing to tell you these things, it means he likes or appreciates you to some extent. Because if you don’t catch his eye, he won’t bother to deal with you.

Secondly, this girl is someone he really likes, the timing is right, but this girl is not the one he planned for. Do you understand what I mean?

For example, a Taurus man has a significant plan for the future, but you can’t meet the requirements. He foresees that being with you, he won’t be able to achieve this plan. In this case, you will also be eliminated.

Let me give you a real example. Among my clients, there was a girl engaged to a Taurus man, but this Taurus man insisted that she and her parents should live under the same roof. The girl couldn’t accept it.

Later, they broke up, and the reason was not that they fell out of love or anything else. The Taurus man said in his plan, in the next two years, he wanted his parents and his wife to get along well. After having a child in two years, he hoped his mother would continue living with them to take care of the child for at least three years. This way, it would also allow the girl to focus on her career.

He thought he was considering the girl’s career, but the beautiful vision he had was something the girl could never achieve. So, they broke up.

Do you understand now? There is a solution to this situation, but because it deviates from the Taurus man’s plan, he cannot accept it.

So, why do Taurus men rarely have love relationships? This is the reason.

Of course, if you are an unexpected accident and insist on rushing into his life, he won’t mind. Or some scoundrel Taurus plans to try many girls at this time point to understand what kind of girl he needs in the future. In that case, he will frequently be in relationships. This is why evaluations of Taurus men often have polarized opinions.

Normal Taurus men are thinking about their future and are only seeking marriage. This isn’t necessarily a good thing, but it’s not a bad thing either.



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