From Initial Dislike to Profound Love: How Zodiac Signs Navigate Affection

From Initial Dislike to Profound Love How Zodiac Signs Navigate Affection

From Initial Dislike to Profound Love: How Zodiac Signs Navigate Affection

The mysteries of love and attraction often find their roots in the stars, guiding our paths with cosmic influence. Have you ever wondered why someone you initially disliked became the love of your life? In the realm of astrology, each zodiac sign holds unique traits that dictate how they transition from disdain to devotion.

Let’s delve into the astrological tapestry that weaves through the signs, exploring how Libra, Virgo, Aries, and Pisces evolve their feelings. Whether it’s the delicate balance of Libra, the unwavering dedication of Virgo, the impulsive nature of Aries, or the dreamy compassion of Pisces, each sign paints a unique picture of transformation in love.

4th Place: Libra

Libra is a zodiac sign that values balance greatly.

I’ve mentioned before, they have a scale in their hearts.

Adding weight or removing weight from it.
They are well aware.

And actually, whether Libra likes someone at first, you really can’t tell.

Some people, even if they don’t like someone initially, Libra will make a lot of effort on the surface.

Some people, even if Libra likes them initially, on the surface, they also have a nonchalant “whatever” attitude.
Just nonchalant, sometimes passionate, sometimes indifferent.

How to tell?

You can’t.

But this is also an opportunity for friends who want to pursue Libra,
No matter how Libra sees you, at the beginning, or as long as you don’t do anything to anger Libra,
You have a chance to get close to them.

This is the opportunity.
Getting close to them, being good to them is secondary.

What’s important is what weight you can add to Libra’s heart.
Before pursuing Libra, ask yourself, what do you have, what can you give, what can you give up.

Because every Libra is different.

The proportion of weight on the scale for each Libra is also different.

For example, some Libras may think benefits are important, so how much benefit can you provide them, how much affection can you have.

For example, some Libras think your sincerity is important, so how sincere can you be, and the weight can be added accordingly.
Whether you can reach the point that Libra wants, whether you have it or not,
This is the most important thing that determines whether Libra will gradually like you.

As long as your point is right.
Let Libra slowly add weight to you in contact, and finally become the most important person in their hearts, it is entirely possible.

3rd Place: Virgo

Virgo is a zodiac sign that becomes increasingly unable to leave the other.

At first, perhaps you are not pleasing to them, but as long as you can slowly subvert Virgo’s thoughts, show them that you have many aspects that are different from what they thought before. They will be more likely to take notice of you.

They may also feel subconsciously guilty because they realize they had misunderstandings about you. They might unconsciously be a bit nicer to you.

Virgos are not ones to feel guilty about many people, so generally in such situations, the person who Virgo initially found disagreeable has a chance to get closer.

Because Virgo will give the other person a chance to approach them, they also want to see, where did I go wrong at first.
Since this person has bright spots that surprised me and subverted my understanding, are there other things that will surprise me?
Also, because Virgo is inherently detective-like, they like to investigate such things and people.

So, many Virgos, initially cold towards you, like a block of ice, but as long as you’re not problematic, and many of your qualities align with what Virgo appreciates, many Virgos will easily get to know you later on and then like you.

2nd Place: Aries

Aries is a zodiac sign that is relatively impulsive in relationships and also easily loses interest.

Of course, this leads to a problem: not liking you three minutes ago, then liking you three minutes later, is quite common.
It is also very likely that three minutes ago they liked you, but three minutes later they didn’t.

This kind of thing happening to Aries is really too ordinary.

So… there’s not much to say, not liking you at first, then suddenly liking you later, is normal.
But making Aries like you for a long time, honestly, is quite difficult.

Because Aries’ long-lasting affection is conditional,
Either it’s unrequited love,
Or it satisfies their sense of freshness,
Or it’s someone who needs their protection.

Unrequited love is easy to understand. Aries, with their inherent “competitive” genes, if they appear calm and unconcerned on the surface, it only means they don’t care and don’t want it.

But anything they want to compete for, that drive, can’t be held back.

Once there’s unrequited love, this competition won’t end, there’s no end.

Next, about the sense of freshness, you have to frequently show Aries different things, show them that you’re always improving.
If you’re a woman, you have to be like a book, a richly detailed book that Aries can flip through endlessly.

If you’re a man, you have to be a million-word novel, twisting and turning so they can’t see your true self, with twists and turns like a winding road in the mountains, you can’t see the end.

Why do many Aries not like overly obedient partners but instead like those who challenge them?

Because first of all, “challenging”, you have to have the ability to match Aries. This ability is the key point, this equality is the mark that needs to be noted.

Lastly, let’s talk about the person who needs their protection.

Aries’ heroism determines that they will definitely take responsibility for someone who always relies on them, can’t live without them, and seems to have no other option.

Also because they have a very strong sense of responsibility.

1st Place: Pisces

Pisces is a zodiac sign that understands gratitude and can self-hypnotize.

I’ve said it many times before, Pisces can make themselves fall in love with you, and they can also make themselves not love you.
They have the ability to hypnotize themselves.

Plus, they have great imagination, so if they are interested in you at all, you just need to make a little effort, and Pisces will easily imagine various scenarios.

So sometimes, it’s not the relentless pursuit of the pursuer that makes Pisces fall in love.
It’s Pisces imagining various scenarios that make themselves fall in love with the other person.
That’s the truth.

Or, as I often say, Pisces throughout their lives are seeking love, not a specific person.
Even if it’s one person, it must be someone who can give Pisces love.

So it’s very easy for Pisces to initially be uninterested in someone and then love them desperately later on.
Even Pisces themselves may not understand what’s going on.

When did their attitude and feelings change, even they don’t know.

Next, let’s talk about Pisces’ sense of gratitude.

Pisces are ultimately kind-hearted. When we talk about Pisces’ kindness, if they grow up happily and unharmed in their small Piscean phase, and then end up with someone who is good to them, Pisces can stay that way for a lifetime.

They don’t understand the complexities of human nature, they are as innocent as Snow White, unrealistically so.

All the determination and indifference of the mature Pisces to the outside world, the lack of trust and self-preservation instincts, all come from the harm suffered during the small Piscean phase.

But the essence of kindness like this will not change.

If you don’t provoke them, they will never actively cause trouble. They won’t hurt anyone.
If you are sincerely good to them, they will remember every bit of it very clearly.

And they know how to repay.

This kind of repayment may not always be visible in their actions, but in crucial moments, as long as you need it, they will definitely be the first to step forward.

No matter what you ask them to do.

So even if someone who was initially not liked by Pisces, or even someone Pisces didn’t like, as long as you keep being good to them, doing things for them, Pisces will find it hard not to be moved.



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