Zodiac Signs Most Prone to Heartbreak: Love and Pain Through Astrology

Zodiac Signs Most Prone to Heartbreak Love and Pain Through Astrology

Zodiac Signs Most Prone to Heartbreak: Love and Pain Through Astrology

These Zodiac Signs, Once in Love, Always End Up Heartbroken

We often say that love is mostly about suffering.

Even for a sweet couple, the pain on the day of separation often mirrors the happiness they once shared.

No matter what, if you walk this journey of life without ever fully immersing yourself in a deep, passionate love, without ever loving someone with all your heart, it is a regret, an incomplete experience.

So even if many people have gone through such painful loves, leaving them scarred and broken,

when asked if they would still choose to be with that person if time could rewind,

the answer is always yes, no matter how many times they could redo it.

Let’s begin.

Fourth Place: Leo

“I bear all love, forming a sanctuary from the storms.”

When talking about Leos, they always appear to us as unparalleled kings.

This is not only because of their strength and extraordinary qualities but more importantly, their indomitable spirit, which we cannot overlook.

In short, from any perspective, Leos are undeniably top-notch.

Leos are not only strong but also have a distinct characteristic:

they have never been defeated, or rather, they do not allow themselves to lose to anyone.

For them, it is not just about winning or losing, but about face and dignity.

Therefore, the pride of Leos is well-known. They do not easily fall in love, but once they do, they never easily let go.

Their love is precious and sincere. Once they choose to be with you, they are willing to weather any storm with you. Even if the road ahead is fraught with difficulties, they never give up easily. Even if they are left covered in scars, they do not mind. They are the type to love steadfastly till the end.

If you can’t endure the cold, a Leo will use all their energy to shield you from the wind and rain.

In love, Leos sometimes exhibit a “one-person show” tendency. They view you as the anchor of their love, ignoring your many flaws and firmly believing in you.

As long as the fire in their hearts does not extinguish, they can “beautify” your image even more grandly.

Honestly, their filter is too heavy.

They are deep and enduring in their feelings. Even if the flame of love diminishes and loses its initial fervor, they will still see you as family and won’t part easily.

Even if they see no future, even if they are exhausted by love, as long as you do not trample on their dignity or do something unforgivable, they will find it hard to let go.

Third Place: Aquarius

“Love becomes their Achilles’ heel.”

Most of the time, Aquarius individuals do not leave us with a strong impression through their appearance or a series of behaviors.

They seem indifferent,

indifferently liking someone,

indifferently being with you,

indifferently being hurt by you,

indifferently leaving you…

It seems like everything is calm and unruffled.

However, this is not their true inner self.

Aquarius people are used to presenting themselves this way outwardly,

but once they encounter someone they truly love and get hurt, they may seem to silently and firmly pack up their belongings and leave without looking back.

But in private, crying their heart out, feeling incomprehensible, is too normal.

Aquarius people can never understand betrayal or being hurt in love.

Because once they commit to someone, it is usually because they truly understand each other.

Aquarius is not superficial; they like someone and want to be with them because they have shared some stories and experiences and feel they understand each other well.

Aquarius always seeks a soulmate as a lover.

The evaluation “they understand me” is extremely important to Aquarius.

So, in a relationship where both people understand each other well, Aquarius cannot comprehend why betrayal and hurt would happen.

They just can’t understand, not a million times, not a billion times.

So, when they fall in love, they love deeply and thoroughly, even if they get hurt.

They might think,

“Is it because they got bored?”

“Is it because I haven’t cared enough?”

“Is it because I don’t understand them enough?”

Just foolishly.

Without love, Aquarius is a king;

with love, they have a soft spot.

Second Place: Taurus

“The deeper the love, the fewer the limits.”

Taurus people are very stubborn and loyal. They are extremely nostalgic, dislike change, and prioritize responsibility.
Although they love very slowly, it is very lasting because of this.

Their love is strong and profound,

but it does not show; rather, it is hidden deeply,

with their care expressed silently in daily life. They do much more than they say.

Many Taurus people have a sharp tongue and can never say sweet words.

They love to argue with you, which is truly annoying.

But when Taurus loves someone, they are hard on the outside but soft on the inside.

Because their partner cannot truly feel how much they love them, it can be tough.

Taurus is insensitive and somewhat dull in love. So when there are issues in the relationship, such as being hurt or betrayed by their partner, they are slow to notice.

Even if they sense something, they always believe in the sincerity of love and think their partner would never do such a thing.
“Isn’t love supposed to be for a lifetime, one person forever? Isn’t my love enough?”

This is how they view love.

So when the truth of the hurt is revealed, Taurus often still holds hope and tries to convince their partner to come back.
They might hate you and feel deep pain, but they won’t let go because of it.

The deeper a Taurus loves, the stronger their endurance.

Even if they appear rational and realistic, when they meet their true love, they become completely love-struck, more so than anyone else.

Friends may be angry at their persistence, but there is no way to change it.

Because Taurus is stubborn~

Unless they decide to walk away, no matter how broken their heart is, they will piece it back together and continue loving.

First Place: Pisces

“I love you with such clarity and firm belief.”

Whether big Pisces or small Pisces,

no matter what a Pisces has gone through,

love is always their faith and dream.

For Pisces, even if they say they no longer believe in love,

say they have seen through the world,

say they have closed their hearts to love,

you only need to listen.

Pisces, throughout their life, place a high value on love. Love to them is as essential as water to fish; they yearn to swim freely in the ocean of love.

They even regard love as a supreme faith. Once they see you as the embodiment of that faith, it’s hard for them to let go.

Pisces are the type who, once they give, cannot take back their love. They have endless hope and various fantasies for your future together.

This gives Pisces the strength and confidence to maintain the relationship and keep it going.

But once you shatter this hope and belief, it’s extremely painful for them.

Because who would easily abandon their faith?

They can’t.

This is why many Pisces, even when deeply hurt by someone, still refuse to leave, still refuse to let go.

Sometimes it’s not about whether they love the person anymore, but simply not wanting to let go of their faith.
They don’t believe that their long-held faith in love can change, deteriorate, or decay.

“Oh, so this is what love is like.”

When many young Pisces sigh like this, it means they’ve experienced a transformation.
Their understanding of love is refreshed.

Then they start to disguise themselves, acting like they don’t care about love anymore, acting indifferent.
They can abandon it, do without it, even hurt those who genuinely love them.

But all of this is because they once loved too deeply and were hurt too painfully.

They are too easily swayed.

Many Pisces, even when almost over someone, are easily lured back by a sweet-talking ex. They foolishly think,

“My faith has returned.”



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