Unlocking the Zodiac Code: Signs That Truly Love You by Spending Time Together

Unlocking the Zodiac Code Signs That Truly Love You by Spending Time Together

Unlocking the Zodiac Code: Signs That Truly Love You by Spending Time Together

These zodiac signs are the real deal when it comes to love—they’re willing to spend quality time with you.

Fifth Place: Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Virgos need a certain amount of communication every day, but only with someone they genuinely like. If this communication quota isn’t met, Virgos feel uneasy and out of sorts. I’ve advised many friends that dealing with Virgos can sometimes involve not responding to messages or playing hard to get. You’ll notice that if you genuinely ignore Virgos, they’ll find opportunities to meet you in person. After all, face-to-face interaction requires talking, right?

Virgos are a star sign that can handle being alone, finding comfort in their own company. They don’t feel lonely, except occasionally during moments of emotional expression. However, this is rare. Even when they desire company, it’s highly selective. They’d rather be alone than be with just anyone. 

So, determining if a Virgo likes you is quite simple. Firstly, observe their daily communication habits—will they reach out if you don’t? Despite their cool exterior, Virgos can be quite talkative, especially when they like someone. Secondly, see if they want to spend time with you, even if it’s somewhat passive. 

When you initiate, do they come up with excuses? A Virgo genuinely in love will make time for you, even if they couldn’t be with you today; they’ll plan a compensation in the form of the next meeting. This is because, despite their aloof image, Virgos, especially in love, yearn to be close to the ones they adore.

Fourth Place: Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Libras are either spending time with friends or enjoying solitude. Deep down, Libras have a strong need for personal space, both in their daily lives and mentally. You can’t completely dominate their space, especially emotionally. Many people say that no matter how familiar you become with a Libra, there’s always a sense of distance, an indescribable gap. 

This is due to Libra’s psychological defenses, which are never entirely dismantled. Even if they love you deeply, this psychological distance is a constant. However, their physical actions, if they love you, will be sincere. They’ll enjoy being close, doing things together, and holding onto you. In daily life, they can relinquish their personal space, but it’s contingent on their love for you. 

As long as you provide enough psychological space, certain questions and matters are best left for Libras to handle independently. If a Libra doesn’t like you, especially for an extended period, it will be uncomfortable for them to be around you; they’ll want to escape.

Third Place: Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Aries, the perpetual child with boundless energy, has an insatiable desire to play. They are like a gust of wind, always on the move, here and there, unable to stay still. With their short attention spans, it’s challenging for them to focus on one thing for an extended period, including staying with someone. 

However, when Aries genuinely loves you, they will make an effort to be by your side, regardless of their restless nature. Their straightforward approach in expressing feelings is evident—when they want you, they’ll be there frequently. Their love is vibrant and ever-present, no matter what they’re doing. 

Aries, with their determined and direct nature, will not hesitate in matters of the heart. If they like you, expect them to be around you frequently, regardless of the activity.

Second Place: Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

It’s no surprise that Sagittarius, known for their love of freedom, dislikes being tied down. They have an abundance of friends and interests, and dedicating time to just one person is nearly impossible for them. If you try to confine a Sagittarius, they might feel like they’re solving a complex math problem. 

For a Sagittarius, being restricted physically is even more uncomfortable than being restrained mentally. We’ve mentioned before that among the zodiac signs, Aquarius can handle physical confinement but not mental restriction, whereas for Sagittarius, it’s the opposite. So, for a Sagittarius, who seeks freedom and is always on the move, if they genuinely fall in love with someone, it’s akin to being a devoted “clingy” cat. 

They’ll chase after you, take you everywhere, and feel uneasy without you. So, if you’re thinking of pursuing a Sagittarius, remember, it’s about attracting them rather than chasing them. Pursuing a Sagittarius is often ineffective; they’re attracted to those who appear as prey in their sights and actively pursue them. This love pattern is the correct approach for a Sagittarius, as they may not appreciate other methods.

First Place: Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Aquarius individuals are solitary by nature. They acknowledge their loneliness deep within but relish the company of someone special. Aquarius often prefers to be alone, going wherever they please without a constant companion. 

Few people get the privilege of being around Aquarius for an extended period because Aquarius doesn’t allow people to accompany them. Even in social situations, Aquarius displays extreme behavior—either constantly diving into crowds like a social butterfly or spending extended periods alone at home, resembling someone with social anxiety.

You’ll notice that the people around Aquarius, even friends, rarely spend extended periods together. So, if one day you discover an Aquarius allowing someone to be with them all the time, doing everything together, I assure you, that Aquarius is deeply entangled. Aquarius is very selective about emotional connections, be it in friendships or romantic relationships. For Aquarius to spend a long time with someone, sharing everything, they must really like that person.

It’s a challenge for others to be with Aquarius for an extended period, as they usually don’t allow it. Asking Aquarius to actively spend time with someone is even more difficult. If someone is enjoying this privilege with Aquarius, you can be certain that Aquarius genuinely, deeply, and wholeheartedly likes that person. The unique bond formed with an Aquarius is a testament to the rarity and depth of their emotional connection, making it a profound and meaningful experience for both parties involved.



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