Understanding Over Love: These Zodiac Signs Will Block You If You Don’t Get Them

Understanding Over Love These Zodiac Signs Will Block You If You Don’t Get Them

These zodiac signs value understanding more than loving them

In the realm of relationships, some zodiac signs prioritize understanding over expressions of love. For these individuals, being truly comprehended holds more weight than mere declarations of affection. From the enthusiastic Aries to the pragmatic Capricorn, each sign has its unique approach to love and connection. 

Let’s delve into the intriguing world of astrology to uncover why these zodiac signs might choose to block you if you fail to understand them.

4th Place: Aries

For Aries, being in a relationship with someone is about comfort.

As I mentioned before, with the personality of an Aries, what they want is a kind of friendship-like relationship with you, where they can playfully tease you, and you can throw a kick back at them.

Aries wants to be able to lean on you, to talk about anything,

from the history of their ancestors to today’s company meetings,

from choosing a major in college to the fact that there’s too much garlic in the noodles they ate for lunch…

Aries hopes that whenever they speak, they don’t have to think too much, because it’s tiring.

They want to watch a game with you, sing karaoke together,

bounce around and have fun, laughing and being silly together~

Aries’ desired love model is just that simple.

Only one word: happiness.

“I say something, and you get it. I don’t have to rack my brains to explain it to you,
you get my sense of humor, and we can just laugh together~”

Even if you don’t love them as much,
Aries can accept that.

It’s hard to find a kindred spirit in life, and for Aries, someone who understands them is crucial.

Combined with Aries’ perception of love, it’s not really that obvious.

If you don’t say you love them, either they won’t perceive it, or they’ll just guess blindly and be totally off.

So when you say you love Aries, they believe it.

As long as you say it, they believe it.

The downside is, sometimes they can be played, be deceived, and end up confused,

“Didn’t you say you loved me? Why are you messing with me?”

3rd Place: Capricorn

Capricorn’s need for love is relatively low.

Having love is nice, but not having it is also fine.

And their life focus will never be on love.

They can focus on marriage,
but love will never be at the top of their priority list.

Especially when love conflicts with interests.

Capricorn desires a future, stability, and permanence. Love, with its ups and downs and uncertainties, doesn’t require so much effort.

That’s why Capricorns often miss out on many people who love them.

It’s because what they convey, what they show, is too aloof.

You can’t accurately tell if this Capricorn likes you or not.

But it’s also because of this, Capricorn really appreciates someone who understands them without judgment.

You don’t have to judge; you just understand Capricorn.

You understand what Capricorn is busy with, what they care about, when they can’t be distracted, when you shouldn’t disturb them,

you have your own things to do, your own life to live, and Capricorn is just a part of it,

and when they meet someone like this, Capricorn is delighted.

Because that’s just who Capricorn is.

All these things you can do, Capricorn feels it’s only natural.

So many times, the person Capricorn ends up marrying isn’t necessarily someone they love deeply,

nor is it someone who loves them deeply.

Instead, it’s a partnership where both understand each other, support each other, become a strong union, and live life to the fullest.
Capricorn desires this.

Those who are constantly asking, “Do you love me? Are you falling out of love with me?” really annoys Capricorn. They’d rather you back off and give them some space. “I’m really annoyed, do you only think about love and emotions all the time?”

2nd Place: Sagittarius

Sagittarius never believes in long-lasting love.

They don’t even believe in themselves.

So things like love or not, to them, might just be temporary.

Tied to interests, mutual reliance, understanding each other, and resource exchange, these are what Sagittarius thinks are necessary to maintain a relationship longer.

Love is just the icing on the cake.

Sagittarius is altruistic and hates owing others anything.

If you’re good to Sagittarius, they will definitely return the favor twofold.

Of course, except for the Sagittarians who intentionally play with and betray you.

Additionally, Sagittarians, as hunters, don’t like people who actively pursue them,

so if you love a Sagittarius a lot, it can become a burden for them,

they’ll weigh whether the love you’re giving will emotionally bind them, and if they can handle it.

These are things Sagittarius will definitely think about.

As I mentioned earlier, they hate owing others anything.

For Sagittarius, it’s not scary to give a little to you,
but what they fear is that you’re always giving, yet what you’re giving isn’t what Sagittarius wants.

This is Sagittarius’ greatest fear. When they meet someone like this, Sagittarius can’t escape.

So in Sagittarius’ eyes, understanding them is much more important than loving them.

Understanding what they want, understanding their concerns, understanding the vulnerability and worries beneath their happy exterior,

understanding that even though they don’t believe in love, they still work hard to have a lasting relationship.

Understanding when they need help, understanding what they truly want and participating with them, working together to pool resources and strive.

This is what’s most important.

Love? Do you love me today, will you love me tomorrow? Haha.

1st Place: Gemini/Aquarius

The requirements for love for these two zodiac signs are somewhat similar when put together.

These two air signs have extremely versatile and free-thinking minds. They’re all over the place.

It’s just that Gemini jumps horizontally, while Aquarius jumps vertically.

For example, Gemini might be talking about how they haven’t finished today’s report, and then suddenly switch to talking about how delicious the chicken they had last night were…


Aquarius might be talking about how some blogger is saying Aquarians are aliens, and then ask you if you know the origin of the universe…


This kind of free-flowing thinking isn’t something everyone can keep up with. If you lag behind a bit, you can only watch them with a confused face, unable to keep up.

At this moment, someone who understands their point, can interact with them, and effortlessly continue the conversation becomes especially special and important to them.

They will feel that this person is on the same wavelength as them.
This person understands them, understands what they’re talking about.

So many times, Gemini and Aquarius are actually quite picky when it comes to relationships, but why isn’t the person standing by their side always the most outstanding and eye-catching…?

That’s because they look at the inner self, the thoughts, what’s in your mind…

“You know me, you understand me, you can pick up my thoughts, you understand my expressions,
it’s more effective than saying ‘I love you’ ten thousand times.”


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