Zodiac Women Who Fight Back – Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Zodiac Women Who Fight Back – Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Zodiac Women Who Fight Back – Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

In the realm of astrology, certain zodiac signs embody the spirit of resilience, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. 

This article delves into the intriguing dynamics of Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces women, who, despite facing mistreatment and challenges in their relationships, find the strength to fight back.

Third Place: Sagittarius Women

“Always keep the courage and ability to leave.”

In relationships, Sagittarius women, when deeply in love (emphasizing once again, truly falling in love), belong to a group that endures bullying and grievances. No matter how upset they are, they can find reasons and excuses to convince themselves to stay in such relationships.

Contrary to the belief that Sagittarius women are carefree, they are not. If you have a Sagittarius friend, you would know. They may seem to easily let go, but that’s when they don’t care much about someone. However, if they genuinely like someone, picking up is effortless, but letting go is harder than anyone else.

A crucial point Sagittarius women need to know is that the most valuable ability in relationships is not the “ability to judge scum at a glance” but the courage and ability to leave at any time.

Why mention the ability to judge scum? Because Sagittarius women are among the best at this skill among the twelve zodiac signs. Even though they may act indifferent when someone around them is mistreated by a scumbag, they might say things like, “Oh? Is he that bad? Why is he so scummy?” But deep down, they have already seen through it.

Unless it’s a less important sister, Sagittarius women won’t bother telling her that the guy is scum. However, for a sister they truly care about, they will immediately caution her when encountering a scumbag, saying, “Sweetie, you should keep your distance,” or “Dear, maybe you should observe a bit more; this person seems unreliable,” or “Sweetheart, I feel something off about him, be cautious…”

If a Sagittarius woman chooses to be with a scumbag, there are two possibilities. Either she successfully judged the scum but doesn’t see a future and treats it as a game, or she failed to judge the scum in a short time, perhaps the scumbag’s skills surpass her experience. When the Sagittarius woman realizes it, it might be too late, and she lacks the courage and ability to leave.

This is a situation many young Sagittarians may encounter because they belong to the group that doesn’t think much about the future as long as they are pampered by the other party. They live for the present, enjoying happiness and not worrying about the future.

However, after everything falls apart, Sagittarius women who didn’t consider the future often end up very distressed. I once had a friend who couldn’t divorce, developed depression, and had to take medication every day.

So, Sagittarius sisters, remember, regardless of your situation, consider the long term, think about the future. Always make sure you have the confidence so that when this man goes “crazy” and disrespects you one day, you have the strength to turn around and leave.

You must learn to cultivate and accumulate your strength to match the carefree spirit you were born with.

Of course, you don’t need to worry too much because Sagittarius women are the type that, once hurt and scared, will counterattack. Their way of counterattacking is very direct—just one word: “Leave.”

Please leave without hesitation.

Although many Sagittarius women may never believe in love again, treating all love as a game might be extreme and unfortunate. But at least, they know this way they won’t get hurt.

Second Place: Libra Women

“Pursuing equality is right, but don’t spoil them.”

Libra darlings, I hope you remember a phrase when dealing with men in the future, especially at the beginning: “Brighten your eyes and see if he treats you with an attitude of equality.”

What does an attitude of equality mean? Many Libra women may find it a bit confusing. “I, a big Libra, inherently pursue equality and balance. Who needs you to tell me?”

This statement is not entirely accurate because many Libra women tend to focus on the aspects where the other person surpasses them, where the other person can provide resources, neglecting the most crucial aspect—the other person’s attitude.

We say Libra women have a mentality of admiring strength. They like people stronger than themselves. For example, if a person is more excellent than a Libra woman and helps her become better and more outstanding, it’s acceptable for her. It’s a positive state and an investment in the future.

However, the problem arises when Libra women ignore the other person’s attitude when they surpass the other person in some aspects or after spending a long time together when the Libra woman’s aura weakens in the other person’s eyes, and their attitude changes.

Many Libra women have a soft heart. For example, when the other person genuinely admires and praises the woman’s strengths, that’s the right and normal attitude. But a significant portion of people will suppress, belittle, and mock Libra women.

Libra women are gentle and rarely get angry or say harsh words. In other words, they have a good temper. So, many partners get used to saying mean things to Libra women. But at this point, Libra women often think that if the person has helped them a lot and has been good to them, they can let the person vent a little by saying harsh things. They don’t mind.

And here lies the problem.

This can make men more and more audacious in their language.

Don’t believe it? Ask the Libra women around you. Many of them have been suppressed and ridiculed since childhood, but Libra women don’t mind.

So, when they grow up and meet someone with whom they’re in a relationship, Libra women often hear harsh words without responding, just smiling and letting it pass.

But, my dear Libras, genuinely generous and broad-minded men understand love better. Also, Libra girls pursue equality and balance, even on the material level. Many Libra girls think it’s okay if they pay for meals, rent, and even support the guy when he’s in need. But when everything is provided by you, that’s a problem.

When encountering any invisible suppression or PUA (Pick Up Artist) tactics in a relationship, Libra girls are really naive, even more so than Aries. Of course, this is only for Libra girls who meet their true love.

Until one day, after being bullied and suppressed to the extreme, Libra girls explode.

They explode to the point where they don’t need love anymore.

Really, don’t, need, it, anymore.

Many big Libras seem particularly materialistic and money-oriented because they were once hurt deeply. They become very materialistic and realistic.

Don’t try to suppress them again in any way; when they retaliate, they will logically and clearly refute you, making it impossible for you to argue.

It’s all forced out.

First Place: Pisces Women

“When it’s time to bare your fangs, you must bare your fangs.”

Pisces women being on this list should be something many friends can guess. Because the typical image of this zodiac sign is always that of someone being bullied, haha.

Pisces women, will you be angry after reading this, feeling like you are actually internally strong?

Okay, I admit that Pisces are internally strong.

They have various self-healing abilities and the power to heal others.

However, when Pisces meet someone they genuinely love, all that strength is just for show.

Pisces can tell if others are scum or not.

Their focus is on whether they are willing to be scummed by that person.

As long as they are willing, no matter how wronged they are, they can endure it, even if it’s spitting out teeth and swallowing blood.

It’s not that they are cowardly (well, they are a bit cowardly in love).

Whatever the other person says is like a royal edict, and everything revolves around the other person because Pisces have a giving personality. It’s not that a giving personality is bad, because Pisces can find joy in being needed.

They enjoy being needed.

If you say you miss Pisces and need Pisces, they will jump in front of you immediately.

But if you’ve never said that, Pisces will seriously doubt your love for them. Even if you clearly didn’t want to disturb them and wanted them to avoid being too tired.

If Pisces is the one who has been hurt in a relationship, ordinary injuries won’t drive them away. It needs continuous accumulated damage, buffs stacked until they are covered in bruises, and well, Pisces will leave.

This departure is the kind that won’t look back.

I’ve mentioned many times that Pisces in love operate on a point-deducting system, deducting bit by bit until they are clean. Then, once the wounds scab over and scar, even though the traces are still there, the wounds have a new, thick layer of skin.

Not to say that they are invulnerable, but once they have scarred over, you can’t poke them anymore.

At this point, Pisces won’t retaliate; I mean, they won’t do anything. (I’ve mentioned before that Pisces, when they turn black, have the potential to be like Scorpios, right?)

You better not provoke Pisces; when blackened Pisces counterattack, they use the most invisible means to take away what you treasure most.

Of course, I hope there won’t be a day when blackened Pisces counterattack.

So, I always remind Pisces, don’t be too much of a little white rabbit. Let the other person know that there are things about you that should not be touched, and you have a temper too. Sometimes, with some people, the less you treat them like humans, the more they act like humans. Do you understand what I mean?

Don’t always have a submissive look; when it’s time to bare your fangs, you must bare your fangs. Don’t act like a bunny—bunnies are cute, but when cooked, they smell delicious.




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