The Fiery Passion and Perseverance of Aries: A Journey of Self-Discovery

The Fiery Passion and Perseverance of Aries
The Fiery Passion and Perseverance of Aries: A Journey of Self-Discovery

As the first sign of the zodiacAries claims its position at the forefront, embodying the ethos of charging into battle without hesitation. You rarely encounter an Aries who hesitates or second-guesses; instead, they fearlessly forge ahead, unstoppable and undeterred.

Compared to their fellow fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius, Aries possesses a more carefree and independent spirit. Even without the validation or recognition of others, they possess the courage to carve their own path and conquer new horizons.

Yes, it is courage that nourishes the audacity of Aries, enabling them to accelerate the healing of wounds and accomplish the seemingly impossible. However, this courage is by no means an anesthetic for pain. In fact, Aries possesses a heightened sensitivity to pain. Yet, they willingly embrace both love and pain, reveling in the intensity of their emotions.

Aries won’t tell you that their willingness to face challenges and embrace pain stems from a desire to rebel and conquer. Surrender is simply impossible for them. Even if it means crashing into a wall and being reduced to fragments, they will leave indelible marks on that wall (the hearts of others) to announce to the world: “I was here.”

And then, Aries will depart, like a moth drawn to a flame, charging forward recklessly. However, they will eventually hesitate and slowly retreat until one day, on their journey back, they suddenly forget where they came from and where they were headed.

Memories precede the closure of wounds, confined within the hidden chamber of darkness deep within the heart of Aries. They remain dormant until one day, when emotions “flare up,” they burst forth, basking in the sunlight, and everything will be alright, won’t it?

“I feel the pain, but it won’t stop me from being foolish again.”

“The sky has cleared again, and the clouds are beautiful, as if I’ve never shed a tear.”

And so, Aries falls in love again, as if they have never been hurt before.

As always, they dive into love blindly. The more indifferent the other person, the more Aries feels compelled to think: “It must be because I am not passionate enough or not excellent enough. If only I become better, they will come to love me.”

In the depths of obsession, Aries develops an attitude of refusal to accept defeat: “Why don’t you love me when I love you so much?”

Consequently, they easily trap themselves in a cycle of self-imprisonment. The more aloof the other person, the more closely Aries clings to them. Their curiosity about the cold persona triggers Aries’ inherent desire for conquest.

This desire for conquest gives rise to self-validation: “Only if this person falls in love with me can I prove that I am worthy of love and possess charm. Only then can I believe in myself.”

Thus, each unattainable person becomes a blow to Aries’ self-perception: “It seems I am not that great after all.”

Aries is like a fiercely burning flame, igniting passion and vitality in their lives and the universe. However, in the pursuit of relentless chase, Aries is prone to losing themselves.

In the end, they discover that they, the ones wielding the gun, have become the prey. Frustrated yet unwilling to accept defeat, they strive to turn the tide, but sometimes, the more they struggle in the swamp, the further they descend. They never anticipated that not everything in this world can be conquered.

Many things that belong to them can be obtained without exerting too much effort. However, never assume that what is obtained with great effort proves one’s worth and deserves to be cherished. Otherwise, one will perpetually be trapped in the vicious cycle of self-doubt and self-validation.

The leaf you can pluck by tiptoeing is the scenery and art worth preserving throughout your life.

Aries, “going with the flow” will always be the most devout and fortunate speculation for us, small human beings.

Remember, the universe is vast, and we are all but small. The center of the universe is neither you, me, nor anyone else. Each person can only play the leading role in their own life.




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