The Complexities of Venus in Virgo: Love and Selectivity

The Complexities of Venus in Virgo
The Complexities of Venus in Virgo: Love and Selectivity

If we were to create a ranking of zodiac signs based on their faithfulness, one might wonder if Venus in Virgo would make the list. Whether it is viewed from the perspective of its opposite sign, Pisces-Virgo, the changing signs of the triplicity, or the influence of Mercury ruling both Gemini and Virgo, it is challenging to identify distinct traits of faithfulness in Venus in Virgo. Instead, one might perceive their faithfulness as an expectation of “equality” in their relationships.

Indeed, Venus in Virgo individuals do exhibit a cleanliness of emotions, particularly when it comes to physical contact with people they do not like. They have difficulty accepting physical contact from those they have no affection for. However, when it comes to someone they like, Venus in Virgo individuals demand absolute loyalty and consider infidelity to be absolutely unacceptable.

Yet, concerning themselves, there is a phenomenon of rationalizing the pursuit of “novelty” due to the shared influence of Mercury governing both Virgo and Gemini. Gemini is a positive sign, openly flirtatious, while Virgo is a negative sign that engages in secret interactions.

Furthermore, the ambiguous energy of Pisces, which is in opposition to Virgo, provides rationalization for situations that are inherently difficult to define. In the eyes of Venus in Virgo, if they don’t perceive it as ambiguity, infidelity, or anything else, then it isn’t, even if it may be seen as unacceptable by others.

Prior to falling in love, Venus in Virgo individuals may simultaneously interact with many people, even having a few favorable options in the “ambiguous” category. This is because Venus in Virgo individuals are extremely selective and consider such behavior as “getting to know” rather than “ambiguity.”

Among numerous choices, Venus in Virgo will select someone who is both suitable and of interest.

Why aren’t Venus in Earth Signs the best match for Venus in Virgo? It’s because the Mercurial energy of Virgo requires stimulation. Therefore, even if you are the best candidate in practical terms, you may not necessarily win the final choice of Venus in Virgo.

This selectivity continues into the relationship, as if peeling the layers of an onion. Venus in Virgo individuals determine a person’s overall worth based on each layer of detail, rather than taking a macro perspective.

Once they pick out your flaws, they will demand change from you. However, this is not the type of criticism that comes without action. They will first satisfy your needs through various details, using their practical actions to demonstrate their love for you.

While Pisces speaks romantically and spiritually, Virgo is more inclined toward practical action. However, they do not possess the idealized “selflessness” of Pisces. Their efforts require reciprocation, often demanding even more in return. They may criticize you at the beginning, but under the pretext of mutual exchange, they ask you to change.

As a result, some Venus in Virgo individuals may realize that there are certain inexplicable issues in their emotional relationships, causing the development of love to be less smooth, leading to thoughts of late marriage or even no marriage at all.

Since Virgo also rules the sixth house of daily affairs, Venus in Virgo individuals naturally experience joy in their work. They are diligent and conscientious.

As Venus represents charm and attraction, it is both the charm and the attraction of Venus in Virgo individuals. Hence, many of their romantic relationships are formed through work connections.

It is possible that some Venus in Virgo individuals may criticize the idea that Venus in Virgo is an untarnished presence.

However, the intention here is to make Venus in Virgo individuals aware of their rationalizations and selectivity, recognizing that they are indeed self-aware but have chosen to “indulge” in certain behaviors.

Once Venus in Virgo individuals realize the impact of their actions on others, they can use their empathetic abilities to make appropriate changes, leading to a healthy and joyful love story.

Therefore, Venus in Virgo individuals, let go of the microscope and strive to be strict with yourselves while being lenient with others. Providing your partner with sufficient security and satisfaction in a gentle manner is also an excellent choice.

For those who appreciate Venus in Virgo individuals, understand their “sharp tongue” and feel their love through various small details, which may be hidden in an inconspicuous gift.




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