How to Capture the Heart of a Leo Zodiac Sign – Tips for Building a Connection

How to Capture the Heart of a Leo Zodiac Sign Tips for Building a Connection

How to Capture the Heart of a Leo Zodiac Sign - Tips for Building a Connection

First and foremost, understanding and respecting them is crucial, giving them plenty of face. Absolutely avoid being too pushy or chasing too hard; it can be awkward to the point of embarrassment. If the conversation isn’t flowing, don’t force it. Instead, focus on self-improvement. 

Occasionally not responding to their messages is acceptable. Otherwise, when you push too hard, Leos can be quite clever and may just watch you, finding you uninteresting and depreciating your value.

You should know that Leos desire someone elevated and dignified. It’s not necessary to be superior in their presence, but you must demonstrate a poised demeanor in front of everyone. However, you need to treat them differently. By saying this, it doesn’t mean you should be a sycophant. It means you should treat them well, but with a certain level of self-worth and dignity.

They will appreciate it only when you exhibit kindness within the framework of self-worth. It’s unique. To put it simply, don’t try too hard to please them. It’s a big no-no. Pleasing them will diminish your value in their eyes, unless they already liked you very much from the start. There is a distinction between being good to someone and trying too hard. If you don’t understand this, it’s better not to pursue a Leo.

When Leos need you, you must be there immediately. They are usually proud and a bit arrogant, looking down on people. Occasionally, when they reveal vulnerability, such opportunities are genuinely rare. Once you catch such moments, just rush to them and say, “I’m here.”

Leos can be deeply moved, whether they are male or female. Trust me. If you miss such an opportunity, and someone else seizes it, your difficulty in pursuing them will escalate to another level.

Also, when you want to know if a Leo cares about you or anything else, don’t pay too much attention to what they say. Many Leos are verbally assertive but truly care in their hearts. So what should you observe? Actions.

Leos are the type of people who can talk to their best friend, saying, “I don’t really like you; you’re so pathetic.” Then, at the same time, enthusiastically serve their friend’s favorite dish into their bowl. Leos are also the type who can scold and fight with their brothers, saying, “Are you stupid? Buying a bag for that girl who’s just using you? Don’t embarrass me as my brother.” Then, the brother says, “I’m not in a good mood,” but still rushes to buy beer faster than anyone else.

They speak straightforwardly and have a sense of justice; that’s Leo. So, as I said, you need to observe their actions. It’s okay if they despise you a lot and like to argue with you. What matters is if they have done something for you. Did they remember what you like to eat? Did they remind you to bring an umbrella when it’s raining? Did they pull you to a safe area when crossing the road with a car?

Of course, when Leos are truly in love, they transform into a different person. A complete change, turning from a big tiger into a little kitty. They become clingy, affectionate, and considerate. However, that’s a topic for another day. Today, we’re discussing how to win their hearts in the initial stages.

Continuing from what was mentioned earlier, you need to be elevated, like a goddess or god. You don’t have to be perfect in everything, but you must have a shining point. What kind of shining point? A shining point visible to everyone. I mentioned before that Leos value their image, so if you’re around them, you must have a noticeable and presentable shining point. 

Well, this might sound a bit unpleasant, but Leos themselves are outstanding. They easily attract attention and shine brightly. If you want to like them, there must be something incredibly good about them. Yes, that’s their shining point. So, what about yours?

The principle of “birds of a feather flock together” applies to Leo’s inner world; people have different hierarchies. Although they may not consciously realize this, they may think, “I’m easygoing. I can get along with anyone. I can eat street food or go to a high-end restaurant. I don’t think I have any class distinctions.”

No, no, no. Leos have these distinctions. In their innermost thoughts, they categorize people. Only those on par with them can truly enter their inner world. In everyday life, Leos are quite easygoing. They can hang out with you, but you’re just a social friend. They won’t genuinely treat you; they won’t invest in you.

This is Leo’s authentic thought. Only those they truly care about will see their genuine efforts. Leos generally don’t admire the strong because they believe in their own strength.

As I said before, you need to have a shining point. Your shining point doesn’t have to surpass theirs. For example, if they sing exceptionally well, you can also sing beautifully. It’s not necessary to sing better than them, but if you sing better than 90% of the people around you, or even 80%, that’s enough to distinguish yourself from many others. In the heart of a Leo, you have a certain position. It may not be the position of a lover, but at least a Leo will respect you, appreciate you, and think, “We can be friends; we can continue to get along.” Even if you confess, they will consider giving you a chance.

Chat with Leo more at night. Seriously, Leos tend to have wild thoughts and easily become melancholic, especially when alone.

Praise them when there’s nothing to do, but it must be specific and genuine admiration. Truly appreciate them in a certain aspect and express it. Don’t praise things that are not relevant. If a Leo has a very irritable temperament, don’t say, “You’re so gentle and considerate.” Leo will really think it’s too much.

Don’t force praise, just like not forcing yourself on them. How to distinguish if a Leo is impressed by your praise? Let me tell you a point to remember. If your praise is awkward and Leo responds with silence or a casual “hehe,” then it wasn’t effective.

If your praise touches their heart, they will respond positively, saying something like, “I also think so,” “I am indeed excellent,” “You noticed this,” etc. These responses indicate genuine happiness.

I mentioned earlier in the article that Leos are easily attracted to Aries and Scorpios. So, if you’re in a difficult situation, follow the path of Aries and Scorpio. It’s a bit extreme. Externally, be either radiant and dazzling like a sun or quietly charming and full of substance. P.S. Generally, it’s easier for girls to follow the Aries route; the Scorpio path is not easy for everyone to master.

Another crucial point: you must have your own thoughts.

What does this mean? Let’s take a simple and common example. When you’re having dinner with a Leo, they will tell you what they want to eat directly. If they say they can eat anything, you must have something specific you want to eat. Understand? Don’t say “anything.”

Of course, this is just an example. Broadening the idea, it means that you should cater to the Leo, but if circumstances allow, whether it’s a major life event or your opinion on someone, you must have your own thoughts. You should be able to express your own 1, 2, 3, understand?

Such a person carries some traits of a Scorpio, and Leos like that. They will think that you also have your own thoughts; you are not dependent on them. Moreover, you are someone they can rely on anytime.

After all, as mentioned earlier, once Leos fall in love, they become little kittens. Kittens can be poised and self-sufficient, but they definitely need a cat owner.

In conclusion, going back to the initial sentence of this article: improve yourself. As the saying goes, a weak country has no diplomacy. This has always been Leo’s iron law in their innermost thoughts. Leos want a strong alliance.

Yes, sometimes they do like to protect the weak because Leos generally protect the weak. They’re the type to help friends and not care much about principles. However, if they protect you one, two, three, four times, and it keeps going, then they’ll treat you as a sister or a little brother.

Because in daily life, Leos are really tired outside. They act like big brothers and big sisters, but they also want to return home to someone they can truly rely on, someone who gives them a sense of security. Everyone outside needs their protection, so…who protects them?

Right? Understand this principle, and you’ll be fine.




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