Unlocking the Heart of a Sagittarius: Love, Adventure, and Understanding

Unlocking the Heart of a Sagittarius Love, Adventure, and Understanding

Unlocking the Heart of a Sagittarius: Love, Adventure, and Understanding

Speaking of Sagittarius… truly, they make great friends, an excellent choice. However, when it comes to love, it’s not as simple. Though they may not turn away suitors, they possess a spirit of adventure. 

As long as there’s an interest, as long as it feels okay, they’re not afraid to try, not afraid to test the waters… But! To win their hearts, it’s truly a challenge comparable to ascending to the divine, an endeavor that, even after enduring the tribulations of life, might not guarantee success. Moreover, 90% find themselves stuck in the mortal realm, unable to ascend or return.

Because, for a Sagittarius, the heart beats for one person only during a certain stage. Once that phase passes, apologies, it’s gone. It continues to beat but never again for the same person. Do you understand my explanation?

In simple terms, a Sagittarius sincerely loves someone only once—a moment akin to a moth diving into flames or leaping into hot water. Everything can be given up without any reason, simply because that person is who they are. 

When you meet a Sagittarius, you often find that their first love (often their initial romantic encounter) or the person they once found most exciting and loving isn’t particularly outstanding in terms of comprehensive ability. 

Of course, having a generally attractive appearance is true; Sagittarians don’t have much patience, and if the external appearance isn’t appealing, they’re unlikely to invest time in deeper exploration.

Sagittarians enjoy the feeling when spending time with someone. They can’t articulate exactly what that feeling is, just that it’s different from others. And that’s when they fall in love. Only once, though.

So, why do many people later, especially during marriage, feel that the spouses of Sagittarians have a tough time? Some even pity them. It’s because the friends of Sagittarians know—they’ve lost their true love. The person they marry is someone they find suitable for a long-term companionship and daily life, not someone they passionately love. To talk about deep love? Impossible. As I said before, there’s only one true love.

This is why Sagittarians are often labeled as heartless and fickle. Heartless because, apart from their true love, everyone else is treated as if they are dispensable. It’s not that they’re irresponsible; Sagittarians are responsible individuals, even though sometimes their actions, including in relationships, may seem inconsistent. They always provide what is due, such as the treatment their partner deserves, the partner’s status, holiday gifts—they don’t neglect any of it.

As for fickleness, it’s because anyone is replaceable. Truly, besides that one person, others don’t have much distinction.

So, when I say you want to win the heart of a Sagittarius, unless you’re the chosen one, actively loved by them, the rest of us can only try to win their desire to spend a lifetime with us. That’s challenging enough. As for their loving heart? After losing their true love, Sagittarians’ greatest love is forever reserved for themselves.

Forget about drawing boundaries. For Sagittarians, it doesn’t exist. They crave freedom. They love themselves. Unless the once-beloved person, eternally lost, willingly enters the cage, only then will a Sagittarius willingly stay.

Alright, let’s talk about the desire to spend a lifetime with you.

Firstly, you need the ability to continuously attract them. Don’t be too proactive; with Sagittarians, the more you chase, the faster they run. I’ve said this countless times before.

Attraction is good; avoid being overly forward or confessing your feelings. In this game, whoever confesses first loses.

To sustain the ability to attract them, you need a curious heart towards the world and life. It’s not about changing your appearance every day, being a princess one moment and a mature woman the next. It’s about your mindset. Understand?

A mindset where you continuously maintain a sense of freshness and curiosity towards the world. That’s what makes a Sagittarius feel attracted to you.

So, why do Sagittarians often find themselves attracted to Aquarians or Geminis or sometimes captivated by Capricorns? Because Aquarians and Geminis naturally possess strong exploratory spirits, especially internal exploration. They may seem unchanged and calm on the outside, but internally, they desire to fathom the universe. Geminis, known for their versatility, easily maintain an outward sense of freshness; their curiosity is strong.

As for earth signs like Capricorn, it’s because they themselves are like a book, deeply hidden. Sagittarius wants to delve deeper to understand them, but each time, Capricorn only reveals a little. This makes Sagittarius feel accomplished while desiring to dig deeper. Capricorn is a sign inclined towards self-improvement and self-enrichment, so Sagittarius may never fully understand them, and that’s why Sagittarians often say they are “captured” by Capricorn.

Of course, the premise is that Sagittarius genuinely likes the external aspects of Capricorn, prompting them to explore internally.

Speaking of earth signs, why do Sagittarians generally not like Virgo or Taurus? Virgo is too critical, always finding faults, making Sagittarius feel pressured. Taurus can be a bit stingy and slow to warm up, creating an initial uncomfortable atmosphere for Sagittarius. So, if a Virgo or Taurus falls for a Sagittarius, they really need to make some changes.

The reason I analyze the signs Sagittarius easily likes is to help everyone understand the directions they should strive for. Both outward and inward paths are possible.

The Sagittarius is intelligent and outgoing, but deep down they are more clear-headed and rational than anyone else. I don’t think anyone would argue with that, right? No matter how absurd their actions may be, they always have a clear mind. That’s why I wrote in another article before that Sagittarius is truly the type that stays silent until they make a stunning move. 

It’s easy for them to have many rising stars because they spend their time polishing themselves. So, believe in Sagittarius. If the Sagittarius you’re pursuing happens to still be in their growth phase, give them time. Accompany them when they want to play. As for other things like career and work, listen to my advice and don’t care, don’t ask. They don’t want to tell you either.

Don’t make them feel restrained by you, especially during the pursuit phase. Once they feel that being with you is not easy and fun anymore, they will definitely turn around and leave.

Don’t engage in any behavior that shows off how amazing you are in front of them. Sagittarius is the type that appears to admire strength and might even sincerely praise you, but deep down they may think you’re foolish for pretending. Trust me, they really can do that, especially those Sagittarius who are naturally capable and impressive.

Another thing to note in getting along, whether it’s with a Sagittarius friend or partner, let’s not play the silent treatment game. It’s different from playing the silent treatment with a Taurus; if you play the silent treatment with a Taurus, you’ll be played to death, but if you play the silent treatment with a Sagittarius, you’ll end up playing yourself to death. Because Sagittarius simply won’t play with you, right? Silent treatment? Refusing to communicate? Then should I leave?

In conclusion, when pursuing a Sagittarius, at the beginning, rely on attraction, flirt and then run away. It’s fine to do it a few times.

When you’re in a stable relationship, still rely on attraction, but you need to treat them well. Continuously treat them well.

When they need you, it’s best if you’re there, but it’s not necessary.

When they don’t need you, you should also have your own life. This point is even more important. Don’t cling to them or bother them. It’s okay during the honeymoon phase, but try it after a while.

As for how to resolve conflicts with a Sagittarius or how to keep the relationship from stagnating, the method to break the ice is to go on a trip together with a group of friends. Sagittarius generally enjoys socializing, at least they won’t be afraid of any social occasions. Of course, there are Sagittarius who don’t like social situations, but not liking doesn’t mean being afraid. They are usually at ease in social settings.

When going on a trip, make sure to find a group of friends (Sagittarius’ friends, not yours, be clear about this; if they are mutual friends, that would be even better). Sagittarius doesn’t enjoy activities with too few people, even if you’re their partner. They will prefer it to be more lively and fun with more people.

And remember, you must definitely coordinate with one of the friends in advance, let them assist you, if you know what I mean~ Playing together with a group of friends, teasing both of you, having friends try their best to arrange for you two to sit close or something like that, it’s very beneficial for Sagittarius. 

They enjoy having a slightly flirtatious feeling in this relaxed atmosphere, even if they have already seen through your intentions, it doesn’t matter as long as you don’t suddenly confess your feelings or suddenly throw yourself at them.




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