Understanding Leo’s Expectations: The Power of Genuine Responses

expression of Leo always carries expectations
The expression of Leo always carries expectations.

The expression of Leo always carries expectations. No other zodiac sign places such importance on ‘response’ as Leo does. However, this so-called response is not a mere reply or answer; it’s an attitude that genuinely considers their words as significant. Whether it’s a casual conversation or a personal matter, Leo expects you to take their words seriously and respond thoughtfully. 

This desire for genuine responses stems from Leo’s need for recognition and security. Let’s delve into the world of Leo’s expression and understand how meeting their expectations can foster a strong bond built on respect and understanding.

I have never seen any other zodiac sign besides Leo place such importance on “response.”

But this so-called response is not a reply or an answer; it’s an attitude of genuinely taking their words seriously.

“Imagine a scenario: You had already planned to go out for a meal with a Leo, but suddenly you had some work to do. The Leo asks you what you want to eat, but you don’t even lift your head and continue typing on your phone, casually saying, ‘Anything is fine.’ The Leo suggests having hot pot, and you say okay without lifting your head, continuing to focus on your own tasks.”

At that moment, you may not even remember that a few days ago you had mentioned wanting to have hot pot with him, but he remembered. Your “anything is fine” is a reply, and “okay” is an answer. But what is missing is the genuine response that Leo truly desires.

Replying is easy; you just pick up your phone or open your mouth and say something without much thought. Answering is also easy; it’s simply agreeing or disagreeing, expressing an opinion, and considering it as an answer.

But responding requires you to genuinely think and judge before giving a serious state of mind that shows in Leo’s eyes. The “anything is fine” muttered while playing with your phone and the “both options are fine~” said with a wink and a smile are different. The casual “good” said while focused on work and the joyous “great!” said when feeling sincerely cared for are different.

Think for yourself about which words and what attitude can truly be considered a response. Deep down, you should be well aware. Because what Leo expects is for you to listen attentively and think seriously. Even if the ultimate expression may not align with their expectations, the fact that you responded to them means that you truly value them as a person.

Whether it’s a partner or an opponent, it’s all about respect.

Leo craves respect deeply.

Many people say that Leo cares about face, that if you don’t take them seriously, they feel their dignity is compromised. But that’s not the point. It’s not about face.

It’s about Leo’s insecurity.

Every time I genuinely want to write something and talk to Leo, I always mention the concept of “insecurity.” Today, I want to emphasize it again—the core of Leo’s confidence is actually insecurity. And this kind of insecurity is particularly tormenting for Leo.

When a person mentions the word “insecurity,” it means they are completely unrecognized, completely overlooked. If they are completely overlooked, it will manifest in no one in their life wanting to engage with them, speak to them, or discuss things with them; they will simply be treated as if they are invisible.

Leo cannot tolerate this grievance, but they often imagine themselves experiencing this grievance. Originally, the reason for being “invisible” is that others happen to have their own things to do. But once this matter is magnified in a one-on-one relationship, whether it’s a friend, a lover, or a family member, Leo finds it extremely difficult to accept.

“Do you not love me anymore?”

“Are you starting to dislike me?”

“Can’t you say anything? Can’t you be more open and honest?”

“You don’t want to talk, and even going out for a meal feels forced. Let’s forget it, there’s nothing delicious anyway. Don’t inconvenience yourself.”

What was initially a trivial matter, when distorted by Leo, becomes a disaster. The clown turns out to be Leo himself.

Yet Leo continues to pretend to be strong: “I don’t want to eat with you anymore. I’m angry that you didn’t come to comfort me. I broke up with you.”

Originally, in daily life, such misunderstandings could be easily resolved. But for Leo, it becomes a big deal.

Because on the one hand, Leo enjoys the feeling of being recognized by you. They hope to be needed, acknowledged, and placed in a very important position in your heart.

So their expression is not about showcasing what they have, but about expecting some feedback.

They don’t want you to repay them, like remembering that you wanted to have hot pot and then treating them to a meal the next day. They also don’t want you to endlessly praise them, saying things like, “Oh, you’re amazing. You’re the person who loves me the most in this world.”

What they want is an attitude. Even if you don’t say anything, but your eyes reveal an uncontrollable smile, it brings joy to Leo.

A small moment is a sense of exclusivity for Leo.

No matter what kind of relationship you have, at that moment in your eyes, there’s only Leo. Leo feels that they are needed.

This gives Leo a great sense of security and enables them to anticipate and choose to express themselves in the next interaction.

Otherwise, what can they do? With a warm face against cold skin, whether they continue speaking or stay silent, neither is desirable.

So try to meet Leo’s expectations, give them more responses, and let them know that you have always been there.




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