Understanding Capricorn’s Expression: Categories, Impressions, and Influences

Understanding Capricorn's Expression
The expression of Capricorn is always categorized.

The expression of Capricorn is like a well-organized library, with everything neatly categorized. From dating to friendships, their behavior depends on the impressions left by the people they encounter. Their words reflect these classifications vividly. How Capricorn sees you determines the conversations they will have with you. 

Capricorn has a natural inclination to categorize people in their lives, not out of bias or misunderstanding, but to understand the impact each person has. To them, it’s a way of self-protection. But what happens when their categorizations fail or change? 

Let’s delve into the intricate world of Capricorn’s expression and discover the power of genuine connections.

I have emphasized more than once that Capricorn’s performance in various aspects of life is related to the people they are surrounded by at the time.

How Capricorn behaves on a date depends on the impression their partner or ambiguous object gives them.

How Capricorn behaves in friendships depends on the impression their friends or those they go out with leave on them.

And this behavior is particularly evident in the words they speak.

The kind of person you are in the eyes of Capricorn determines the kind of words they will speak to you.

Capricorn easily categorizes people in their lives.

This categorization is not a prejudiced and misunderstood labeling, but rather a clear understanding of the impact each person they encounter will have on their own lives.

This may sound a bit utilitarian to outsiders, but it is actually the best way for Capricorn to protect themselves.

To be honest, if Capricorn doesn’t think about what kind of person you really are, they can easily misjudge your position in their heart and do things they regret later.

For example, even if you haven’t met a few times and no one has revealed their flaws yet, Capricorn may already consider you a long-lost confidant and may even be thinking about what gift to give you on your birthday.

But if you have an unpleasant argument over something trivial, and everyone reveals their flaws, even if Capricorn didn’t tell you about the gift they wanted to give you, they may feel a sense of guilt inside.

This guilt won’t be expressed in words, but Capricorn just feels that their past thoughts were a commitment.

But since the relationship can’t go back, what can be done?

Then Capricorn suddenly changes their mind and thinks, “Why should I feel guilty? Birthday gifts are meant for friends. You used to be my friend, so it was natural for me to think about giving you a gift. But now things have changed, and it’s also natural not to give you one.”

Over time, Capricorn will come to understand in their release that they should speak different words to different people.

This is the point I mentioned earlier and need to emphasize again—Capricorn’s categorization is a way to protect themselves.

Many people may think that once someone is categorized, it means Capricorn already has a fixed impression of that person in their heart.

But that’s not the case.

Categories can be adjusted at any time, and the way of expression can also change at any time.

If you have a good relationship with Capricorn, they will speak more intimately to you; if you have a poor relationship, they won’t show you any kindness.

If you feel that Capricorn has been increasingly friendly towards you, it may be that the impression you have in their heart is gradually improving.

If you feel that Capricorn is becoming less patient with you, it’s not because they are in a bad mood, but because you have done something that annoys them.

Because Capricorn knows well that the only constant in this world is change.

The people around them will always come and go, and only by constantly adjusting their expectations of the people around them and treating different categories of people with a predefined state similar to a template, can they make themselves more comfortable.

Otherwise, it’s really exhausting.

This also leads to Capricorn’s expression in life having a strong sense of boundaries.

One moment they may smile at someone, and the next moment they may give a cold stare to someone else.

People with a close relationship with Capricorn may say they are overly protective, while those with a distant relationship may feel they are being aloof.

Both evaluations are correct and normal.

After all, people change, and so does Capricorn’s expression.

But the initial assumptions about different categories of people generally do not change.

There is only one exception, and that is when you gradually change the impression you have in Capricorn’s heart.

At that time, Capricorn may say things that even they themselves may not believe in order to provoke a reaction from you.

Saying something that doesn’t flatter you to see your reaction is a test; saying something that makes you extremely happy is a probe.

But the tests and purposes are not the ultimate goal. The real purpose is to determine whether you should enter or leave the category that Capricorn had initially expected you to be in.

And afterward, Capricorn may not be able to help but tell you what their previous intentions were.

Because building trust with people is more important than misunderstandings.

But don’t force yourself to become the person of a certain category just to be classified, or learn to become the kind of person who seems to have a good relationship with Capricorn.

Again, categories are not labels but influences.

Capricorn needs you to have a positive influence on them.

And this influence is nothing more than being genuine and sincere.

When you both truly feel each other’s authenticity and sincerity, how to express oneself becomes less important.




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