Understanding Scorpio’s Expressions and Their Hidden Demands

The expressions of Scorpio always carry a purpose.
The expressions of Scorpio always carry a purpose.

The way Scorpios express themselves is always purposeful. However, their reputation as aloof and hard to approach might give a misleading impression. In reality, Scorpios find expressing themselves quite effortless. They treat expressions as casually as having a meal, varying their demands based on the depth of their relationships. 

By understanding their demands, we can navigate the complexities of Scorpio’s expressions and forge deeper connections with them. This article explores the hidden world of Scorpio’s emotions and how their expressions serve as an invitation for genuine understanding and support.

I don’t know when it started, but Scorpio’s inherent reputation among others has become that of being aloof and hard to approach. These descriptions may sound somewhat flattering, or one could call them “high emotional intelligence evaluations.” On the other hand, some people bluntly believe that Scorpios are just pretending and consider themselves superior.

But is that really the case?

I must responsibly say that for Scorpio themselves, expressing their thoughts and feelings is actually very, very easy. They can engage in friendly conversations with you right after adding your contact information. They can quickly connect with you the first time you meet. They are not difficult to approach, nor do they put on a cold face when interacting with ordinary acquaintances. They simply treat expressions as casually as having a meal.

Some meals are meant to be savored and enjoyed. Some meals are meant to be visually appealing. And some people are here to share laughter. Some people are here to put on a show. If you feel that Scorpios are difficult to approach, it’s because you find it challenging to truly enter their hearts. If you think Scorpios are hypocritical, it’s because your relationship with them hasn’t reached a point where they can express their true thoughts and emotions.

This boundary does not depend on what you have done for Scorpio but rather on when Scorpio recognizes, in their heart, that you can meet the demands implied in their expressions. What are these demands? They confide in you and have expectations of you. They express their inner anxieties and seek reliable answers from you. But as the saying goes, “Don’t share deep thoughts with those you barely know.”

Scorpios have a clear gauge in their hearts, and the nature of their demands depends on the type of relationship they have with you. For casual acquaintances, as long as you don’t bother them and they feel at ease, things are fine. For drinking buddies, as long as you have a good time and they enjoy themselves, that’s enough. But it’s different for true friends. When they are sad, you must empathize with their pain, accompany them through it, and help them overcome it. That’s a tall order!

However, Scorpios hope that if our relationship is close enough, we can be each other’s emotional support. After all, aren’t we good friends? If I consider you a good friend, I won’t treat you poorly. When I’m going through something, you must be there for me. So Scorpios start testing things out in their own way.

“Can you really understand me?”

“Do you truly want to be there for me?”

“If I open up and show you my vulnerabilities, will you betray me?”

They may casually bring up significant issues to see if you can discern their complex emotions. They don’t speak deeply or heavily. But if you can truly penetrate the emotional bubble surrounding them, they might suddenly break down and grab your arm, pouring out how difficult the past period has been for them. They may also exaggerate and share relatively insignificant problems in their lives. But to them, these issues may not have a significant impact.

The sole purpose of speaking in such a manner is to gauge if you are truly on the same page as them. What matters to them is not the specific issue at hand but rather whether you are genuinely listening when they confide in you and if you can provide objective thoughts and evaluations.

It may seem like a grand scheme, but let’s be honest, who doesn’t have expectations when forming friendships? Scorpio’s greatest advantage lies in the fact that when they choose to express their demands wholeheartedly, they also make efforts to reciprocate the same. It’s the opposite of “superficial relationships conceal deep feelings.” 

When they consider you a close friend, they transition from allowing things to unfold naturally to helping you through difficult times. 

When they see you as a loyal friend, they shift from enjoying life together to teaching you the importance of restraint. When they view you as a true companion through thick and thin, they go from seeking contentment to standing by your side through both glory and shame.

In the end, these demands will always come back to the two individuals involved. In fact, Scorpios may even attempt to see you as another version of themselves. Not just someone close to them but rather an extension of themselves. Having demands for oneself doesn’t seem entirely wrong, does it?




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