Understanding the Reserved Expressions of Libra and the Art of Holding Back

The expressions of Libra are always reserved.
The expressions of Libra are always reserved.

I’ve always wanted to ask my Libra friends a question, but I’ve kept it to myself. 

Aren’t you tired of holding back your true feelings?

But I never asked. The reason is that I know this question doesn’t really have an answer.

After all, everyone has hidden emotions.

Libra just has more hidden emotions than most.

Let’s talk about it from the perspective of making friends. For example, if a Libra considers you a very good friend, they feel like they can say anything to you, and you can share jokes without reservation. When they go out to eat, they think of inviting you, and when they’re done with a busy period, the first person they think of having a drink with is you.

But one day, when you’re not in a good mood and don’t feel like talking while having a drink, they ask you what’s wrong, and you tell them not to bother.

At that moment, Libra falls into endless self-doubt.

“Maybe I thought our relationship was already good, but it hasn’t reached the point where you would confide in me when you’re troubled?”

“Maybe I talked too much recently, and you find me annoying. Do you have a problem with me as a person?”

“Maybe you don’t want to talk to me about any problems you think I have anymore. Maybe you don’t want to be friends with me or consider me a friend anymore?”

They want to ask, but they’re afraid to. They’re afraid that asking too much will annoy you even more, and they’re also afraid that asking too much will make them feel worse.

So Libra starts to hold back in their expressions.

This reservation is usually reflected in three types of relationships.

For acquaintances who aren’t very close, they hold back to maintain the image of themselves in your mind, which is not considered bad. They’re afraid that if they say a few more things, they’ll become more annoying, and you’ll think they’re asking too much, so they say less.

For drinking buddies with whom they have a good relationship, they hold back to maintain a less awkward relationship between the two of you. They’re afraid that if they really get carried away and have a big fight with you, who doesn’t have a temper sometimes? They genuinely ask you, but if you don’t appreciate it, it becomes difficult for them to continue actively interacting with you.

For important friends with whom they have a very close relationship, they hold back to preserve the potential development of your future relationship. They understand you and believe that perhaps you’re just not happy today, and many misunderstandings can be resolved later.

To establish their own persona, they must use reservation to hold back a little and let peace last a little longer.

Over time, the image of being easygoing, having a good temperament, and being easy to take advantage of becomes established.

But in reality, is that the case? Does Libra not express themselves because they don’t understand?

They give you face out of a sense of camaraderie.

But they also give themselves face because it’s their duty.

Libra is just lazy to argue.

Being lazy to argue doesn’t mean they can’t win arguments or that they’re incapable of doing so. It stems from an innate fear deep within them about arguing. Once things get heated and faces are lost, it’s not just the relationship between the two people that becomes awkward—Libra also falls into endless self-blame.

Disputes are inherently meaningless, so why use intense words to express opinions that are already contradictory to each other?

It’s better to say a few less words, it’s better to hold back.

In fact, this is why many people find that once they enter into a very intimate relationship or even a romantic relationship with a Libra, they realize that the Libra they first met is completely different.

You’ll discover that this person, although they still try to say a few less words, sometimes can’t control themselves and completely change their character.

Oh? So Libra does have a temper. So this person is not just going to accommodate you in everything.

At this point, someone always comes forward and complains that Libra has been wearing a mask for too long, but now their facade has collapsed and the truth has come out.

If you ask Libra, they still won’t give you a straightforward answer.

Will you understand if they answer you?

Will you not understand if they don’t answer you?

You just need to try to think and ponder about this matter from their perspective, and you’ll realize that many things actually make perfect sense.

When Libra continues to try to reduce their needs in social life and endure the negative emotions that come with holding back, they may only be able to release their true emotions in their romantic life.

No one can always be the good person in life, and no one can always maintain a smile during difficult days.

When everyone wants to portray themselves as someone who is “striving to become,” Libra chooses to turn reservation into a final form of respect between each other.

Libra wants to save face for you.

And they also want to save face for themselves.




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