The Expression of Taurus: An Analysis of Their Anxiety and Intentions

The Expression of Taurus: An Analysis of Their Anxiety and Intentions
The Expressions of Taurus Come with Preconditions

The zodiac sign Taurus has a distinct approach to expression—it always comes with preconditions. Unlike other signs, Taurus is acutely conscious of how they convey their thoughts and feelings. They often experience anxiety about their words and actions, constantly questioning whether they should speak a certain sentence or add a particular word. They struggle with finding the balance between being too outspoken and risking misunderstandings or being too reserved and failing to communicate their intended meaning. 

Despite this complexity, Taurus‘s intention is simple: they have a focused gaze, clear goals, and pure purposes. However, this often plunges them into a state of endless turmoil. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of Taurus’ expression, exploring their anxieties, intentions, and the challenges they face in effectively communicating with others.

I’ve always believed that the biggest difference between Taurus and other zodiac signs is their heightened awareness of expression. Taurus often experiences anxiety about their expressions in daily life. Should I say this sentence? Should I include this word? Will adding it make me appear too ostentatious, trying to convey too much? Will not adding it make my intended meaning unclear, leading to misunderstandings?

But behind these complex thoughts, Taurus has a simple intention. They have a focused gaze, clear goals, and pure purposes. This puts Taurus in an endlessly conflicted state. They know they should speak up, but they fear being discouraged. Should they try to inject some humor? Make a joke? Be a little playful? After all, as long as Taurus speaks their mind, they feel good about it, regardless of whether others understand or not. 

However, not everyone can comprehend their humor, nor can everyone accept the boundaries of their jokes. When misunderstandings and conflicts arise, Taurus doesn’t take the initiative to explain. The intention to resolve the issue is straightforward, but explaining requires another round of expression. If they say something wrong, won’t things between them only worsen? In that case, it’s better to let it go and say nothing.

Therefore, the precondition for Taurus’ expression is always assuming that once they say something, you will like hearing it and give them endless feedback. Saying “I love you”? Sure, you say it first and make sure they genuinely feel your desire to be loved by them. Saying “sorry”? Okay, but the premise for the apology to be accepted is that forgiveness has already taken place in their heart. You give them an out. Otherwise, Taurus would rather amuse themselves with their presumed humor than make themselves sad due to various emotional entanglements.

Take ambiguous relationships, for example. When you’re with a Taurus, you might constantly feel that they are neither actively accepting nor rejecting you. They seem happy when you’re together on a date, but afterward, they won’t be the one constantly seeking you out. But deep down, they worry that while you’re worried about them playing around, they’re also worried that you might be playing around. Isn’t love about mutual pursuit? 

Why should they be the ones taking the initiative? Occasionally reaching out to you is already giving you face. What if you turn around and leave? They would be criticized for being a pushover, right? However, Taurus will never tell you these thoughts. Of course, the date is enjoyable, and the conversation is delightful. But outside of these happy moments, are you really thinking of them? This is when Taurus falls into a state of insecurity.

“Did you miss me? Why didn’t you tell me? Then I won’t tell you either.”

“Do you really miss me? If you don’t, why should I tell you anything? There’s nothing to say.”

If you don’t show any initiative, even if they miss you, they won’t say it. If this happens repeatedly, you might find yourselves in a “friendly” state. You’ll notice that when you meet on the street, they’ll greet you with a smile, and there may be an increase in interactions on social media. You might think that Taurus is making an effort to reconcile, but in reality, they have chosen to give up further progress. They see you as an ordinary person, so they don’t have to think about every word they say or worry about being misunderstood. They don’t need to overthink their actions based on your small behaviors.

“Maybe we’re just not meant to be. Let’s be ordinary friends.”

“No need to get jealous, it only hurts yourself.”

In this situation, Taurus changes the way they present themselves in your eyes. Their expressions, which used to be ambiguous and evasive, become polite and courteous, leaving a good impression on you. They won’t resist participating in events where you’re present, but your words and actions won’t capture their attention anymore. 

Since you don’t want to be close friends, you become acquaintances. They won’t pretend to be indifferent in front of you, and your slightest expression won’t affect their thoughts. Since you don’t want any interaction, you become strangers to each other. They won’t consider whether their actions might embarrass you, and your every move won’t matter to them.

In the eyes of Taurus, if there’s no fate, there’s no need to force it. Looking at flowers and grass is much more comforting than looking at you. But if there’s a connection, can’t you be a little proactive?




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