The Expressions of Pisces: Heartfelt Communication and the Art of Finding the True Self

he Expressions of Pisces
The Expressions of Pisces Are Always Heartfelt

I’ve always believed that Pisces are the warmest individuals in the world, as they seem to have a natural talent for expression. Pisces always find a way to strike a balance between expressing themselves comfortably and making sure others find it enjoyable to listen to them. However, I must admit that when I use the term “warmth” to describe Pisces, it’s not purely a compliment.

When we mention “warmth,” many people immediately think of passion and comfort. However, in reality, coldness can also be a form of warmth. Whether Pisces chooses to express themselves fervently or speaks with a cool demeanor depends entirely on their perception of you. If you hold significant importance in their heart, the more you want to hear something, the harder they will try to express it in their own way. 

On the other hand, if you are unimportant or even disliked, the more you want to hear something, the more they will strive to use their unique talents to present themselves with both positive and negative aspects. The former is not about pleasing you, and the latter is not about rejection. It’s all just an art form—the art of expression in the world of Pisces.

When it comes to expression, Pisces are always more concerned about people than matters. If they have a place for you in their heart, it is rare to hear any profound advice from them. If you find studying unpleasant, they will talk about how enjoyable skipping class can be and how annoying teachers are. 

If you find a colleague annoying, they will discuss how messy and incompetent that person is. It seems that Pisces can empathize with even the smallest details, but this is not always a good thing. People tend to become impulsive and misjudge others when discussing sensitive topics. 

However, once the words are spoken, they cannot be taken back. If Pisces speaks too many heartfelt words to someone who does not reciprocate with sincerity, their world will gradually crumble due to each step they have taken in the past. Especially when someone wears the cloak of “justice” and proclaims, “This person (referring to Pisces) is just acting and saying things to please you, but they don’t really mean it.”

When Pisces themselves are unable to defend against such accusations, they begin to doubt themselves endlessly. “I was genuinely concerned about their well-being, so why am I the one getting hurt in the end?” “I truly found that person annoying, so why do they say I’m being fake?” “I genuinely had those thoughts in my heart, so why can they change my mindset with their words?” But what else can be done? Life goes on, days must be lived, and people must continue to grow.

Thus, Pisces slowly learn a new skill—politeness. Gradually, the warmth of Pisces transforms from “passionate” to “gentle” and from “cold” to “refreshing.” Having warmth becomes a true advantage, and having politeness becomes a virtue. However, Pisces find it difficult to rediscover their true selves. Being able to express themselves with ease does not mean they can live as they please. To do so, they must first overcome the obstacles within themselves. They need to let go of their inner worries and rediscover their most authentic self.

This requires not only trust in others but also trusting themselves once again. Trusting that this time they won’t be harmed. Trusting that this time they won’t be hurt. Trusting that this time they won’t be saddened. Thus, Pisces begin to try different ways to approach you, seeking to gain their trust through your actions. 

“I won’t be as proactive today, let’s see if you will take the initiative to talk to me.” 

“I’ll pretend to be busy today, let’s see if you will ask if I’ve eaten.”

 “I’ll try not to think about you today, let’s see if you really miss me.” 

“Express your most genuine thoughts first, and then I will respond with even more warmth and clarity. As for those who are of no real importance, it’s better to be friendly.”

“I don’t depend on you; I don’t want to hold onto you tightly.” 

So, when you think a Pisces is polite and emotionally intelligent, that’s when they haven’t truly connected with you. But if a Pisces can gossip, show concern about everything, express their opinions and stand, and even unconditionally support you, then you have witnessed their most genuine expression. 

It’s a way for them to find their “true selves” again. Perhaps before they speak those words that make you feel warm, they have already rehearsed them countless times in their minds. It’s like offering you a cup of warm water, and you feel happy when you drink it, but they may have burnt their hand or mouth while testing the temperature. 

But so what? In their eyes, your happiness is enough.




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