Virgo Zodiac Sign: The Importance of Substance and Honesty

Virgo Zodiac Sign: The Importance of Substance and Honesty

Honesty is the best policy.” This proverb applies to everyone, but it is especially relevant for those born under the Virgo zodiac sign. Virgos believe that honesty is the foundation of all human relationships. They value honesty more than anything else, which is why they find it difficult to trust people who do not share their beliefs. 

If you are trying to gain the trust of a Virgo, you must be honest with them at all times.

Virgos believe that honesty is everything. They also like to hear kind words, but they do not usually hold onto the praise they receive from others. They may feel a momentary sense of joy when they feel validated, but they can quickly discern whether the validation is genuine. If they sense falsehood, they will quickly return to a state of inner peace. Therefore, they expect others to be sincere and substantive with them.

“Don’t doubt it. I’m trying to relax my emotions.”

Virgos do not easily remember their emotional fluctuations because it is a common occurrence for a perceptive person. Their early emotional struggles are difficult for others to perceive, and the only outward signs are silence or lack of expression. 

One easily overlooked aspect of Virgos is that, although they are an earth sign, they can have an exuberant and passionate temperament when emotional. They can quickly discern whether others are hostile or accommodating, which is why the people who stay close to them are pure, genuine, and easygoing.

Because of their strong insight, Virgos can protect themselves, but having too much insight is not always a good thing. Thus, Virgos understand more than anyone else how enjoyable life can be without emotions, thanks to the pure and easygoing companions who stay by their side.

“In my eyes, honesty is almost everything.”

Instead of trying to quickly gain the trust of Virgos, it is better to be honest in front of them. It is difficult to describe the rigorous logic and subtle thinking of Virgos in words. For example, when a Virgo discovers that someone is not coherent or logical, they will judge the authenticity of the conversation and question the other person’s intentions. 

Virgos’ patience and tolerance are greater than we imagine, but once they touch on a sensitive topic, it is difficult to recover. They can understand when someone does not understand or does not know, and they will even give them time to wait, but they cannot accept someone’s perfunctoriness or lack of effort.

This is why Virgos tend to prefer people who are sincere and willing to work together to solve problems. Virgos are not willing to be complacent because they will only agree to walk together if they can both move faster and more easily.

“Why don’t you just come clean?”

The initial impression of a Virgo is often distant because they haven’t found an opportunity to communicate with the other person yet. Even if they have a lot to say, they won’t speak up if the timing isn’t right. They are aware of what to say and what to keep to themselves. 

However, once they see the other person being honest, trustworthy, and accepting, they will show their talkative side. Therefore, don’t mistake Virgos for being uncommunicative, as they are just waiting for the right moment to open up. Once the timing is right, you will see a new and talkative side of them. 

“So how do you make a Virgo talkative? Of course, it’s through honesty.”



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