How to Tell If an Earth Sign Man Loves You: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

How to Tell If an Earth Sign Man Loves You
Do you have a crush on an earth sign man? 

Are you wondering if he feels the same way about you? Earth sign men – TaurusVirgo and Capricorn – are known for being practical, loyal and reliable. But they are also notoriously reserved and cold when it comes to expressing their emotions. 

They may not say “I love you” often or shower you with compliments and gifts. But that doesn’t mean they don’t care deeply about you. In fact, the cold face of the earth sign man is the best proof that he loves you! 

In this article, we will reveal how each earth sign man shows his love in different ways and how to tell if he is really into you or not..


Taurus men are very introverted, they do not express their love in words, but rather turn this love into action, into care. When they first fall in love, Taurus men are cold because they don’t know how to get along with you, they will be more cramped, afraid that their initiative or enthusiasm will make you resist, but also afraid that too quiet will make you feel distant, so when you face each other, he may not say anything, but if you disappear from his sight, he will be restless. 

Taurus men will sneak a peek at you when they have nothing to do, afraid that you will suddenly disappear. The longer you get along, the less Taurus men will express themselves, because they are used to turning their love for you into action, into care, so if you want to judge whether Taurus men love you or not, don’t look at whether they are enthusiastic or whether they will coax you, look at whether they will rush to your side first when you need help.


Virgo men are not sweet-mouthed, but they are very sticky. His world is very big, big enough to fit all the truths, but his world is also very small, small enough to fit only you. After falling in love with Virgo men, his world only has you, he will worry, be anxious, and think wildly when he can’t see you, but when he sees you, even if he is very happy, his mouth is picking at you this and picking at you that, as if only by finding some trouble with you and picking some faults with you can he show that he doesn’t love so actively. 

How can Virgo men be so arrogant that others think they love more desperately? Virgo men really love someone very childish, he will be jealous because of something very small, and sulk with you, make a stinky face, and even ignore you for a whole day. But as soon as you coax him, he’ll be fine. He’ll laugh when you tease him. So when you’re arguing and angry, you can treat him like a primary school student. Give him some sweetness and he’ll be very happy. 


The deeper Capricorn men love someone, the less they express themselves. They will hold all their emotions in their hearts. Whether it’s sadness or happiness, they rarely show it. They want to silently absorb and digest all this. They don’t want their emotions and state to affect you. They really don’t want to be a burden to their lover. Capricorn men are very rational in most situations. They are so rational that they are somewhat indifferent. 

If you want to find comfort and dependence in your feelings, Capricorn men may not give you much because they think you are moaning without illness and being pretentious. But he will help and care for you a lot in life. If you want to judge whether Capricorn really loves you or not, you have to see how careful and nagging he is when he helps you solve problems. Only when he treats your things as his own things can it prove that he really cares about you in his heart.



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