The Zodiac Signs Who Struggle Most After a Breakup: Withdrawal Symptoms Explained

The Zodiac Signs Who Struggle Most After a Breakup Withdrawal Symptoms Explained

The Zodiac Signs Who Struggle Most After a Breakup: Withdrawal Symptoms Explained

Breakups can be incredibly tough, and each zodiac sign copes with the aftermath in its unique way. In this exploration of the emotional aftermath of breakups, we delve into four signs: Aquarius, Taurus, Pisces, and Capricorn. 

From the Aquarian’s longing for love in separation to the Taurus’s introspective analysis of what went wrong, each sign reveals a different facet of post-breakup emotions. Let’s uncover the withdrawal symptoms and challenges these signs experience as they navigate the difficult terrain of heartbreak.

4th Place: Aquarius

When does an Aquarius love you the most?
When you’re apart.

For an Aquarius, the moment of separation is when they love someone the most.
Some may quietly cry their hearts out behind closed doors.

Aquarians aren’t really ones to hold grudges. They naturally filter out the negatives, leaving only the good.
That’s why, even though Aquarians are rational, when you ask, they genuinely believe in love from the bottom of their hearts.

This belief remains steadfast from childhood to old age, unlike Pisces, whose inherent trust in love can change with circumstances and experiences.
Aquarians, however, will.

This is why I’ve always said that Aquarians spend their entire lives searching for a soulmate.
They seek spiritual and soulful resonance first, with physical attraction coming second.

Aquarians aren’t quick to be with just anyone; they don’t tolerate most people. So, once they’re in a relationship and it ends, it’s like the love is ruined. For an Aquarius, there will always be regrets.

Initially, after a breakup, it might be okay, but after a while, when an Aquarius has free time to reflect on the relationship, they naturally filter out the bad. At this point, Aquarius will feel very uncomfortable and experience “withdrawal symptoms.”
They’ll start to miss the good things about their ex.

Until they find the next one.
Aquarians don’t sense this before they break up with someone. They don’t even sense it themselves.
Not until it’s really over.

So, Aquarians are the least fond of “farewells” of any kind. They fear the moment when two people turn their backs and walk in opposite directions.

It’s not just lovers; it includes their friends and family too. Aquarians truly dislike goodbyes.
They find it hard to accept. If they can avoid saying goodbye or avoid facing scenes of separation, they will.

3rd Place: Taurus

Taurus’s “withdrawal symptoms” entirely stem from their inability to “understand.”

And their “inability to understand” doesn’t come from the other person but from questioning their own judgment.
We know Taurus is a very stubborn sign, and before making a decision, they thoroughly analyze and compare options to make the most cost-effective choice, not necessarily at the expense of others but definitely for their own benefit.

Once a relationship is in trouble, leading to a breakup for whatever reason, it becomes a severe questioning and self-doubt for Taurus.
The first reaction of a Taurus is not believing in the result or not accepting it. Why should this happen? How could my judgment be wrong?

Then, after they slowly accept this fact, they’ll start to review and repeatedly dwell on what went wrong. What caused the misjudgment? Why didn’t the person I chose to spend my life with last? Which part of the process led to my misjudgment?
Taurus is truly a sign that replays events.

After this replay, they can reorganize their future life plans, marriage plans, and even mate selection criteria.
Taurus must come to terms with it themselves; they are not easily persuaded by others. They delve into their thoughts, and only they can come up with solutions.

So, this replay process is when Taurus repeatedly experiences “withdrawal symptoms,” akin to “unbearable pain.”
It’s like going through detox, very arduous and agonizing.
For Taurus, it’s a battle they have to fight themselves.

2nd Place: Pisces

Pisces’s “withdrawal symptoms,” although not the longest-lasting among the twelve signs, are undoubtedly the most severe.
Pisces is sensitive and suspicious, experiencing emotions many times stronger than the air and fire signs.
What causes you a slight pain would be tenfold for Pisces.

What gives you eight units of love would be wholehearted for Pisces.
Pisces tends to magnify emotions automatically.

So, their withdrawal symptoms are the most painful.
Moreover, Pisces has an addictive personality.

If you observe closely, whether it’s alcohol, tobacco, coffee, or anything else particularly prone to addiction, once Pisces indulges, it’s challenging to completely give up.

It takes tremendous willpower.
Being addicted to love is also one of Pisces’s characteristics.
Pisces is often criticized by friends, “Can’t live without love, huh? Will die without it?”
Yes, they might.

So, the appearance of withdrawal symptoms is only natural.
Coupled with Pisces’s emotional dependency on their partner, giving their all to them, once the connection is severed, Pisces has no anchor. They drift, lost in a daze, not knowing what they’re doing, in a perpetual state of limbo.
This is the dual dependency of body and spirit.

But luckily, fish have poor memory. So, while I say Pisces’s withdrawal symptoms are the most severe, they won’t last too long.
At first, Pisces will discard all the bad memories. They selectively remember only the most beautiful parts of their past, which becomes excruciatingly painful.

Yet over time, they’ll forget many of those beautiful parts too.
Once someone else appears in their life, creating new memories that flood their minds, Pisces’s memory system can’t hold everything, so they gradually start to forget the past person.

1st Place: Capricorn

In matters of love, Capricorns are incredibly slow to react.
Very, very slow.

Even when it comes to breaking up, they are slow to realize.
Many Capricorns, when faced with a breakup, especially if it’s initiated by the other person, will be in a daze for a long time.
You tell Capricorn you want to break up.

Capricorn might reply with just an “oh.”
Then, for a while, they won’t react, not grasping why you want to break up.
They might not even realize you’ve broken up.

I’ve seen too many Capricorns who, after a breakup, forgot they were even broken up and went to message their exes, too many times.

Then, after a long time when Capricorn finally accepts and understands this fact, they will start to reflect.
Their “reflection” is not like Taurus’s “replay.”

Taurus’s replay is more about looking at the relationship from a third-party perspective to see where things went wrong.
Capricorn’s reflection is more about reflecting on themselves.

Yes, you read that right. This is actually a good thing about Capricorns.
In careers too, Capricorns are good at finding issues with themselves.

In love, Capricorn’s withdrawal symptoms mainly stem from regret.

In their reflections, Capricorns often think, “If only I had done this or that differently, it would have been better…” “If only I had been nicer to them…” “On our anniversary, when they looked forward to our plans, I should have been more excited…””Have I really been neglecting them? Have I never really spent quality time with them…”

Capricorns genuinely have these thoughts, although they will never admit it.

This repetitive and sometimes regretful mindset will linger in a Capricorn’s mind.

Moreover, Capricorn isn’t someone who can shift this reflection by having someone else around.
They might feel somewhat trapped, imprisoning themselves.

They have to rely on time and self-realization to move on.



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