Why Leos Struggle in Love When They Take It Seriously

Why Leos Struggle in Love When They Take It Seriously

Why Leos Struggle in Love When They Take It Seriously

According to your Sun sign and rising sign, the macro interpretation of the zodiac personality is for reference only.

Big data shows that Leo is the most prone to emotional issues, and also the most difficult to communicate and reconcile with. Leo can’t handle love well because even when they care deeply, they’ll pretend like nothing’s wrong, tears almost spilling. Leo’s love is peculiar; when they start being ambiguous, controlling, getting moody for no reason, that’s when they truly love you. 

Leo often plays the role of someone who seems indifferent to love, like it doesn’t matter if they have it or lose it. In reality, Leo is a fool for love, breaking their heart a thousand times. Whether you admit it or not, after trying their best to forget someone, it’s hard for Leo to fall for someone else again.

Leo men love everything flashy and glamorous: spacious houses, high-end furniture, intelligent children, and a beautiful hostess. To become a Leo man’s partner, whether life is good or bad, you must always look beautiful; he’s willing to spend a lot on the woman he loves. 

So, his partner must be beautiful and charming. In his kingdom, he sees himself as the high and mighty king, so naturally, his queen must match his abilities and looks.

Leo women ruled by the Sun are naturally bright and sincere in guarding love. From beginning to end, they are straightforward. In sweet times, they’re extremely sweet; in times of boredom and despair, they elegantly leave, occasionally reminiscing in the remaining time. 

They are a group of people with positive energy, believing that every love should have gains and growth to be considered good love. This kind of take-it-or-leave-it attitude is quite queenly. After trying their best to no avail, they let this love become a memory.

People born under Leo are extremely domineering; they cannot tolerate mediocrity and pursue an ideal love story with continuous climax. Leos also have strong material desires. 

Whether Leo man or Leo woman, they need to feel happy in abundant material wealth. If there’s not enough material wealth during a relationship, Leos might find it bland. Leo’s love emphasizes that it’s never just about the emotions. 

No matter how many reasons there are for lingering affections, how many deep gazes filled with emotion, if there’s no serious, positive attitude towards love, Leo won’t entertain it. Leo treats love with military-like discipline. If you’re inconsistent, Leo will immediately crush your love with their authoritarianism.

Leo is the proudest and also the most easily insecure sign. Once their confidence is shaken, they feel they’re not worthy of any deserving partner. The more they like someone, the more inferior they feel, shy to move forward. 

These people sometimes have a strong sense of self-esteem, unable to let go of themselves and break through in intimate relationships, which is actually a lack of confidence, making it hard to enter into intimate relationships.

They only bow to the one they love, and it’s not like you’ll lose anything by doing so. However, for Leo, it’s just not possible. Leo has a strong sense of self-esteem, very face-conscious, so even in front of their closest people, they won’t bow down.

Although the other person might understand Leo’s temper and stubbornness, in love, being too stubborn can easily lead to losses and setbacks. Do you understand, Leo?

You’re gentle and firm in love, full of courage, willing to make every effort to help your loved one succeed. Even when love isn’t going smoothly, you won’t run away and can find humor in tough times. You prefer rational pursuit over instinctive impulses. Although having a strong sense of self-esteem is a weakness, you’re very loyal to those who understand you.



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