Understanding Aquarius: Can They Also Be Simps?

Understanding Aquarius Can They Also Be Simps

Understanding Aquarius: Can They Also Be Simps?

Exploring the depths of astrology often unveils surprising facets of each zodiac sign. In this exploration, we turn our attention to Aquarius, the water-bearer of the zodiac, known for their unconventional approach to life and love. 

While commonly associated with independence and detachment, can Aquarius also exhibit traits commonly attributed to “simps”?

Let’s delve into the intricate tapestry of Aquarius personalities and their perspectives on relationships.

Taking into account your Sun sign as well as your Ascendant sign, this is a macro interpretation of zodiac personalities, for reference only.

If you were to ask whether Aquarius has a simp side, my definitive answer would be: yes.

But Aquarius knows when they’re in a simp state. Their acts of “simping” aren’t passive; they’re proactive, mainly because Aquarius feels it’s just a playful act.

When they want to simp for someone, no one can dissuade them. And when they don’t feel like it, not even pressing their head would get a reaction. Whether they simp or not entirely depends on Aquarius’s mood.

Speaking of which, you need to understand a fact: the essence of Aquarius’s emotions. What is it? They don’t believe in any promises, nor do they believe someone could genuinely like them for who they are beneath the surface. 

If they don’t even like their true selves, how could they believe others would still like them after seeing their true nature? Isn’t that like holding your nose to eat poop and saying it tastes good? It’s obvious when something is forced or acted out, and Aquarius can see through it at a glance.

“Simping” is just a part of Aquarius’s love game at that moment, a play in the game. This doesn’t mean all Aquarians are simps, nor does it entirely negate the possibility of Aquarius being one. Everyone’s personality is different, and choices vary at different times, entirely depending on the individual’s mood and mindset.

Aquarius’s demand in relationships is simple: no coercion.

If you don’t love me anymore, fine, you can leave. If I fall for you, then I’m in trouble; I might need to simp for you for a while. But when it becomes dull, how far you go is up to you.

Aquarius simply goes for it if they feel a connection and attraction. If there’s no connection, they’ll just part ways; it’s not like anyone can’t live without anyone else. There’s no need to force someone who doesn’t love you to stay by your side. Therefore, Aquarius might not understand many things, but they respect them.

So, some people may find it hard to get along with Aquarius, but it’s more that Aquarius doesn’t know how to deal with such people. Aquarius’s thinking itself is quite detached, so if a water sign wants to get along with Aquarius, it’s difficult to adapt to Aquarius’s detached thinking and personality.

Water signs tend to have abundant emotions and value them highly, but Aquarius has always been relatively indifferent towards emotions. It’s not intentional; Aquarius always feels like they’re not part of the scene, not just in terms of emotions but in everything. Of course, this doesn’t mean Aquarius is heartless; it’s just that Aquarius prefers to analyze events from a rational perspective.

If Aquarius isn’t very warm towards their own family, how could they be passionately affectionate towards someone in a relationship, surpassing even their family? So, all those things you see online, like “You can always seek proof of my love, and I’ll always respond with love,” Aquarius might respond with, “Get lost, you’re so annoying; let’s just not talk about this relationship.”

However, this doesn’t mean Aquarius doesn’t love you anymore; it’s just that they find repeatedly proving their love to be annoying. Once Aquarius says “I love you” for the first time, until they actively say they don’t love you and want to break up, they do love you, no need to doubt it.

Of course, if you see an Aquarius talking to a water sign for a long time, it’s probably genuine love.

If you ask what kind of person Aquarius likes, they can’t answer. They might like anyone, or they might not like anyone at all. If you happen to ask them when they have someone they like in mind, they might give you a positive response.

Later, Aquarius concluded one thing: no matter how many people someone likes, they’re all just the person they imagine.



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