The Art of Communication with Aquarius: Balancing Distance and Connection

The Art of Communication with Aquarius
The Art of Communication with Aquarius: Balancing Distance and Connection

In the realm of Aquarius, expression always comes with a sense of distance. Have you ever noticed how Aquarius individuals seem to keep their elbows pointed outward? Whether you share a close bond with them or have a more casual relationship, Aquarius can be perplexing. Despite their understanding and knowledge of you, they often choose to utter words that leave you feeling perplexed.

This is the art of communication for Aquarius—always maintaining a distance that they perceive as appropriate in their own perspective. The closer you become, the less they allow you to approach. This is because Aquarius knows that there will always be people around you who say kind words, treating you as one of their own, leaving Aquarius to play the role of the antagonist.

Conversely, the more distant you are, the less they distance themselves. They strive to leave a favorable impression in your eyes, as no one can make a grand entrance and captivate your attention instantly. However, these actions often hide behind polite and superficial conversations.

Simply put, if Aquarius considers you a friend and believes you deserve that title, neither of you can afford to make foolish mistakes. It becomes their duty to awaken you. On the other hand, if they don’t see you as a friend, they believe you are unworthy of that title. With so many people making mistakes, why should they be the one to point them out to you?

The truth is, Aquarius will never share their true thoughts with you in such a blunt manner. Instead, they employ a seemingly philosophical approach to relationships, adjusting their distance with everyone around them.

It’s like playing a game.

When a stranger makes a mistake: “No problem, it’s just a game.”

When a close acquaintance makes a mistake: “Can we really achieve that? How is it possible to win?”

People around Aquarius often find themselves in a state of confusion, hoping for the same gentleness and tenderness they witness bestowed upon others. However, in the eyes of Aquarius, there exists a genuine belief in equality among all beings. By keeping their distance and avoiding favoritism, Aquarius aims to improve the lives of everyone they encounter.

Desire for vanity and special treatment only addresses superficial matters. Aspirations for growth and progress touch the core of one’s being. You cannot possess both the facade and the substance, and Aquarius cannot grant you both either. They are ordinary individuals who can laugh at jokes and shed tears while watching a movie in front of others. After all, life is not solely comprised of humor and sentimentality.

When seriousness and rationality demand their presence in your mind, if you wish to remain on the same battlefield as Aquarius, you must rise above mediocrity and become a clever individual. In the eyes of Aquarius, intelligent people naturally understand the importance of maintaining a sense of distance.

However, there will always be those who perceive themselves as more intelligent, and Aquarius willingly assumes the role of the fool in their eyes. There’s no need for justification; as long as you’re content.

You understand this well, so Aquarius will keep their distance, granting you that facade. When you feel that you, too, may not fully comprehend, they will draw closer, guiding you to discover the substance within.

As the heart of Aquarius is like a fortress, those inside envy the protection bestowed upon those on the outside. Simultaneously, those outside, due to the respect Aquarius shows them, constantly seek a way to enter. But how many truly comprehend these dynamics?

Perhaps even Aquarius themselves never imagined that a perfectly harmonious soul, fitting snugly with their own, would ever appear. It all comes down to fate.




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