Unveiling the Reserved Nature of Virgo: Understanding Their Reluctance to Express Themselves

Unveiling the Reserved Nature of Virgo
The expressions of Virgo are always accompanied by an exit strategy. 

Have you ever noticed how Virgos struggle to speak their minds wholeheartedly? 

Even when they hold firm and strong opinions, the moment they voice them, they seem to lose their impact. Instead, they often respond with vague “emotionally intelligent” replies or resort to cliché phrases. Only when it comes to addressing pressing issues or offering blunt but honest advice do they find their voice. 

Virgos aren’t incapable of expressing themselves; they simply choose not to. In other words, they prefer to remain silent. But have you ever wondered what Virgos think of you in those moments? Continue reading to explore the hidden depths of Virgo’s expressions and the significance of providing them with an exit strategy.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Virgos find it difficult to speak their minds in life. Even if they have clear and strong opinions, once they say them out loud, they don’t seem to hold the same weight. Either they respond with superficial “emotionally intelligent replies” or state some cliché truths. Only when it comes to pointing out flaws or offering unpleasant but sincere advice do they speak up.

It’s not that Virgos don’t understand or can’t articulate their thoughts; they simply choose not to. In other words, they are unwilling to speak up.

Take the most common example in life. You encounter some emotional troubles and want your Virgo friend to give you some advice. You muster up the courage to send them a sincere message on WeChat, eagerly awaiting their heartfelt advice as you stare at the screen with teary eyes. But you hit a wall. They tell you to go to bed early, saying that everything will pass, and suggest relying on time to find something better. They also say that if you’re not happy, you can have a meal together tomorrow, but for now, take care of yourself.

Let’s be honest, anyone who has experienced heartbreak has heard these words at least a hundred times. The way it’s written in books is probably more eloquent than what they say. Do you think Virgo is just brushing you off? But have you ever thought about how Virgo perceives you?

“If you truly understand all the reasons, how could you not be able to do it? How could you disturb me on my phone in the middle of the night?” “If you’re so hurt and still can’t figure out this matter, can we resolve your problem in just thirty to fifty minutes of chatting?”

In the eyes of Virgo, people can only help themselves. To put it in internet slang, “Those who understand, understand.”

The most crucial point is that if they don’t leave themselves an exit and stick to their words, accompanying you in crying and venting, what will happen if, and I mean if, you two reconcile? Where does that leave them?

“Why should I take on the thankless task? Why should I handle the burden of offending others?”

So it’s better to be their “backup,” their “sounding board,” their “trash can.” They can be whatever you need, but as their comrade, they have to consider what exit strategy they have.

This also leads to the difficulty Virgos face in developing their own style in life. Just think about it carefully, if you were asked to describe the style of the Virgos around you with one word, would you suddenly be at a loss for words? “Fine,” “pretty good,” “excellent” — these words can be used to describe Virgos, but they lack a distinctive style.

They are kind-hearted individuals, meticulous and unassuming. It seems that all synonyms for stability can be directly attributed to Virgo. But it’s true that being too composed and emotionally intelligent can create a sense of distance. When you take a step back, the other person wonders if you’re being sincere. 

People who are overly emotionally intelligent can make others put up their guard. After all, human nature is insatiable. If you’re too direct, they think you’re poking them like a thorn. If you consider them, they worry that you might harm them.

So either you take your relationship with them to the next level, and they reluctantly offer some guidance, or you stick to polite words and avoid unnecessary complications.

Virgos who understand this principle will try to express themselves more sharply with those they are closer to in life. But they still need an exit strategy, so Virgos start to maintain a smile. Regardless of what they express, as long as they have a smile on their face, it should be fine. They won’t hit you even when they extend their hand for a handshake.

However, some people still say they hide knives behind their smiles. It’s something that can never be explained clearly.

So after saying all of this, I don’t mean to say that Virgos are doing something wrong. I believe that Virgos need to be understood by more people. A tree that stands out in the forest will be destroyed by the wind. No one wants to be cannon fodder; everyone wants to live their own value in their life scenarios. 

It’s not necessary to force a certain tone or find a unique style. After all, when you discard your own tone and style, at least you have found a life attitude that belongs exclusively to you.

Remember, only what you are willing to do can possibly be the best. Your willingness is priceless.




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