Why Cancers Struggle in Love When They Get Serious

Why Cancers Struggle in Love When They Get Serious

Why Cancers Struggle in Love When They Get Serious

Cancers are naturally sensitive, so they always try to guess the thoughts of those around them. Being a water sign, Cancers tend to be pessimistic and sensitive, often tossing and turning in bed late at night. They recall the mistakes they made during the day and remember the people they’ve lost and the hurts they’ve suffered. 

Every solitary night for a Cancer is difficult, yet they show no signs of trouble when facing friends. This is where Cancers excel – their ability to self-regulate is truly remarkable. For a Cancer, there’s no hurdle too high.

This sign is both sensitive and emotional, always melancholic and prone to melancholy. Due to their innate self-doubt, Cancers don’t trust themselves and instead rely heavily on others. 

In relationships, Cancers become even more insecure, prone to anxiety and lacking a sense of security. So when it comes to matters of the heart, Cancers proceed with caution.

Cancers are like perpetual children, always capricious, reliant on others, and not at all independent. They never seem to complete any task alone, nor can they manage relationships with others. In love, they often find themselves in a vulnerable position, but they’re not resigned to it. 

They always hope to have some say in matters and make their partners tired of their childishness. This often leads to the end of these abnormal relationships.

People born under Cancer are plagued by a strong sense of insecurity, perhaps nurtured in their upbringing and intensified by life’s experiences. Even though they may be calm and composed when not in a relationship, once the possibility of intimacy arises, they become suspicious and restless, feeling unable to handle the love that comes their way. 

As a result, they find it difficult to form intimate relationships, a significant reason for their failed romances.

Cancers are genuinely devoted to their partners, displaying a motherly nature to the fullest. For them, family is everything. However, with their sensitive nature, they often carry negative energy. If their partner happens to be someone who doesn’t like complaints, arguments can easily arise over trivial matters. Even the most beautiful feelings of happiness can dissipate in a war of words.

One habit Cancers have in relationships is jealousy. If they see their partner getting too close to someone else, regardless of gender, they become unhappy. 

They have a strong possessive streak, believing their partner belongs only to them, and they don’t want anyone else to claim their partner’s time and attention. Consequently, they easily become jealous and angry over such minor issues. If possible, they’d rather keep their partner away from everyone else.

So, a Cancer’s life is a journey of self-improvement, but when it comes to love, there’s one thing they can’t heal from – their insecurity. Everything is fine for a Cancer as long as love isn’t involved, but the moment they fall in love, everything falls apart. 

They are confused and unsure, wanting to give their best to their partner but fearing their sincere efforts won’t be reciprocated. In the end, Cancers are extremely lacking in security.

But love is never a one-person affair; it requires mutual effort. Cancer’s sense of security may be the most lacking among the zodiac signs, because while everyone with a Cancer says they’re truly wonderful, everyone who’s left a Cancer behind feels lucky to have moved on. 

The reason mainly lies in the way Cancers love. They give back a hundredfold for every bit of love they receive, but if they feel wronged, they’ll repay it with interest. Many fail to see the issues between them and a Cancer, only noticing the Cancer becoming silent, leading to criticism of Cancers. The nature of a Cancer isn’t bad; it’s just that problems have arisen between them and others.



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