The Dual Nature of Libra: Tender Yet Rebellious

The Dual Nature of Libra: Tender Yet Rebellious
The Dual Nature of Libra: Tender Yet Rebellious

The topic of making a Libra person rely on you is undeniably intriguing. To be honest, whether a Libra can’t stay away from someone is quite an interesting subject. 

Let’s be clear, Libras staying with someone for an extended period is a rarity.

It’s not that Libras don’t have long-lasting friends or lovers; it’s just that Libras seem to experience a higher frequency of changing people in their lives. Libra individuals often adopt a laid-back attitude when it comes to relationships, be it romantic, friendly, or familial. They tend to go with the flow and don’t force connections into any particular shape. As long as things remain harmonious, Libras are content.

However, this also implies that some relationships may not reach profound depths, and parting ways for seemingly inexplicable reasons is not uncommon. To be blunt, the depth of a relationship in a Libra’s heart is often gauged by the time spent together. 

Since Libras are known for their Zen-like approach to life, they won’t forcefully maintain a relationship or make a fuss when it ends. If you tell a Libra, “I’m leaving,” their response is usually an unbothered “Oh.”

Some may find Libras cold in this regard. Although they appear amiable and gentle, they seldom reveal their true emotions, making it difficult for others to gauge their feelings. Libras tend to adapt to social situations by observing others’ behaviors and then applying these lessons to their own interactions.

Returning to the main topic: How can you make a Libra rely on you? Firstly, Libras are not typically the ones who initiate separation; most of the time, they choose to leave voluntarily. Patience is key when maintaining a relationship with a Libra.

Secondly, continuously offering emotional value is crucial. Think about your Libra friends – didn’t you become closer when you both criticized the same person, even though it was somewhat unethical? Sharing mutual dislikes can be a rapid way to gain emotional value.

Lastly, consistent responsiveness is essential. While Libras might appear emotionally distant, they are genuinely authentic. If they sense that you need them, they’ll be there in no time. However, Libras also value fairness. If they respond to you when needed but don’t receive the same in return when they require it, they’ll take that as a sign to lower the relationship’s score.




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