Why These Zodiac Signs Should Avoid Long-Distance Relationships: It Always Ends in Heartbreak

Why These Zodiac Signs Should Avoid Long-Distance Relationships It Always Ends in Heartbreak

Why These Zodiac Signs Should Avoid Long-Distance Relationships: It Always Ends in Heartbreak

In the past, travel was slow, and letters took time to arrive, making a lifetime of love just right.

Nowadays, the world is fast-paced, full of distractions, and fleeting emotions.

We envy the love of the past,

We envy the life of the past.

Everything moved slowly and steadily, just at the right pace.

But now, everything is too fast.

Hearts change quickly, the novelty wears off quickly, temptations come quickly, and lovers change quickly.

It’s so fast that if a person disappears for a while, they might easily be forgotten.

So, who dares to consider a long-distance relationship now?


Aries’ personality is characterized by directness and passion,

They are like the spring sunshine,

Warm and dazzling.

When it comes to love,

Aries have their own firm belief,

Which is—to be together.

They believe,

Love must be experienced together,

To feel the real warmth and authenticity.

Long-distance relationship?

For them,

It’s simply torture.

Aries people,

They love the kind of love where they can hug, kiss, and lift each other high,

A love where they can genuinely feel the other’s presence.

So, if you have a long-distance relationship with an Aries,

They might feel very painful,

Because they can’t stand

Only seeing each other through a screen every day,

Without being able to truly hug and feel each other.

For them,

It’s really too hard.

Moreover, Aries have a straightforward personality,

They really need someone to accompany and take care of them,

So a long-distance relationship is truly unacceptable for them.


Gemini people,

Their hearts are like kites in the wind,

Always wanting to fly higher and farther,

Seeking new scenery.

Gemini are naturally passionate about exploring the unknown.

But if no one holds that string,

The kite might drift away with the wind,

Never to be found again.

Being with a Gemini,

You will find they are always curious about new things,

But this also means,

If you are not by their side,

They might be attracted by other things,

And “get lost.”

But do you know?

Gemini actually have their cautious side.

Their hearts are sensitive and fragile,

Easily falling into self-doubt over small things.

For instance, a casual remark from you,

They might ponder for a long time,

Worrying if they did something wrong.

They crave attention and companionship,

If you are not there when they need you,

This kind of relationship loses its meaning for them.

As for a long-distance relationship,

It’s out of the question.

Gemini cannot accept a love separated by thousands of miles.

They think,

If you are in a relationship,

You should be together,

Seeing each other every day,

Being together every day.

If separated,

How is it different from being regular friends?

Moreover, Gemini already have many friends around them,

They don’t need a distant relationship.

So, if you are apart from Gemini for a long time,

Be careful,

They might “fly away” at any time.


Scorpio people,

Once they fall in love,

It’s like an eagle with its wings bound,

Yearning to soar together with their partner,

But also afraid of losing direction.

They crave their partner’s companionship,

Like a fish needs water,

Without you by their side,

They always feel something is missing.

Strange environments and people,

Only intensify their longing and anxiety.

They want to know everything about you,

Even your brief absence,

Makes them uneasy,

Constantly contacting you,

Trying to fill that void.

Scorpio’s suspicion stems from their need for security.

Even if you are not separated,

They might often doubt your sincerity,

And even want to check your phone.

When a long-distance relationship truly happens,

Their doubts and worries surge like a flood,

Any minor incident could trigger arguments,

Eventually leading to a breakup.

However, Scorpio is not always so aloof.

In love,

They are actually clingy kittens,

Yearning to stick with you all the time,

Enjoying that close intimacy.

Even though they know this might make you feel distrusted,

They can’t control their inner longing and anxiety.

Yet, a long-distance relationship is a huge test for them,

They often cannot bear the pressure,

Eventually choosing to leave.

Maybe, such a choice is a relief for both.


For Pisces,

Love is everything,

But don’t think they can easily handle a long-distance relationship.

In their view,

Long-distance relationship?

It’s a nightmare for love.

As long as two people are not in the same space,

They immediately become sensitive and tense,

Often leading the relationship to an end due to the unbearable loneliness and solitude.

Pisces are neurotic,

Forgetful, sentimental, extremely insecure,

These traits manifest vividly when they face a long-distance relationship.

They are romantic to the core,

How could they bear the insecurities and pains of a long-distance relationship?

Just thinking about the possible issues in a long-distance relationship,

They start worrying if they would end up the same way,

Feeling anxious.

Their love seems selfless and fearless,

But it’s based on being together.

Once separated,

They would rather this relationship never started.

Pisces think,

If two people love each other,

They should always be together,

Long-distance relationships mean losing the chance to communicate and be with each other,

That kind of distant and close feeling,

They cannot stand it.

So, they usually steer clear of long-distance relationships.


Leo is the embodiment of passion,

How can they stand the torture of a long-distance relationship?

For them,

A long-distance relationship is a long ordeal.

They need real companionship,

The kind where they can hold hands when they want to,

Hug when they want to,

Kiss when they want to.

And a long-distance relationship?

Only allows saying “I miss you” and “I love you” through the screen every day,

How is that love,

It’s self-torture.

In a long-distance relationship,

Leo easily becomes suspicious and anxious,

Worried that the other doesn’t love them anymore.

Every second the other doesn’t reply,

They feel like ants on a hot pan,


Even if they can hold on initially,

Over time,

That feeling of fatigue makes them start considering breaking up.

Leo starts doubting not only the other,

But even themselves.

During the long-distance relationship,

Leo learns a lot,

Like how to take care of themselves,

How to handle negative emotions,

How to manage their time alone.

But these don’t bring them happiness,

Instead, they feel more lonely and desolate.

So everyone,

Don’t easily start a long-distance relationship with a Leo,

Leo, don’t start a long-distance relationship lightly either,

It’s truly a relationship without an outcome,

Eventually, it will lose to distance and time.



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