When to Give These Four Zodiac Signs Some Space in Love

When to Give These Four Zodiac Signs Some Space in Love

When to Give These Four Zodiac Signs Some Space in Love

In matters of the heart, relationships sometimes require a delicate balance between closeness and space. Certain zodiac signs, such as Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aries, and Virgo, exhibit distinctive reactions when they feel a need for some breathing room in love. Understanding these dynamics can help maintain a healthy and thriving connection with these zodiac signs.

Let’s delve into the intricacies of each zodiac sign and explore why providing them with a bit of space can be beneficial for the relationship.


For Sagittarius, it’s reasonable that everyone should understand, right? I’ve mentioned before that Sagittarius is a “hunter” type of zodiac sign, or you could call them the “area of effect” mage. They cast a wide net and whoever they catch, they’ll patch things up with. Nobody can predict it.

And then, they choose from this group of prey, the ones who are struggling, those who don’t like them and ignore them. But let’s not worry about how this process works. In the end, you end up with Sagittarius. Regardless of whether it was their coercion, their hunting skills, or their sweet talk, the fact is you got captured.

So, what next? You start treating them well, they become more and more certain that you like and love them, and that’s when the problem begins.

Sagittarius is very quick to put you aside because they are really fickle. The less you like them, the more they like you. So, never let Sagittarius have all of you for real. Remember my words, my dear, you’ll thank me later.

Now, they won’t take you out when they go out, and they’ll complain that being with you is boring. What to do? You must give them the cold shoulder, and it has to be icy cold. Cold to the core, like they can’t find you for a while.

Sagittarius is a group that lives for the thrill, as I’ve mentioned countless times. Love is also a part of this game. When you’re together with them, it’s just one stage of the game, or a very long one. In this growth stage, there are many sub-challenges. Your interaction with them is made up of many of these sub-challenges. 

When you suddenly stop paying attention to them, or when something changes in your interaction, it’s like modifying a sub-challenge, making it more challenging. Sagittarius gets excited because of that. When they get a fresh twist in a previously bored sub-challenge, can they not be excited?

So, my dear, you get my point, right? At this point, the original challenge-seeking, hunter nature of Sagittarius comes back. Think about it, when a hunter finally captures its prey, and one day, it escapes. It’s exciting.

Sagittarius’s desire to win makes them want to recapture their prey. You need to make them focus on you, not to use their hunting skills on someone else. So, if Sagittarius feels things with you are too mundane, give them the cold shoulder and let them hang for days, even up to ten days. They’ll surely come back frantically to find you.


Capricorn can be given the cold shoulder. However, before we go further, there are some things to understand. You need a strong mindset. Because when you give Capricorn the cold shoulder, it might take them a long time to react and come looking for you.

The timeline could be quite long, depending on the Mars sign in their natal chart. Capricorn is known for taking things slowly in a relationship. They might respond quickly when they’re in the heat of the moment during the early stages of love. 

But as you transition into a calm or distant phase, Capricorn’s response time might stretch to 10 minutes or even more for a single message. That means it could take a while for them to reply, and sometimes, they might not reply at all.

This kind of dynamic makes Capricorn, in general, quite patient. However, if they’re truly into you, they’ll find it challenging to endure long periods without contact. Giving them a cold shoulder for a few days can trigger their desire to win you back. The disappearance of something they treasure often sparks the hunt. 

Capricorns are known for their commitment and responsibility, which also applies to their relationships. When they lead or are ahead of you, they tend to take it seriously.

However, daily routines with Capricorn can become monotonous, and they might start feeling bored if they always look back and see you there. You need to break this cycle.

For instance, Capricorn might be running ahead, and when they look back one day, you’re nowhere to be seen. That’s when they panic. They’ll start searching everywhere for you. If you play hard to get and hide, making it hard for them to find you, believe me, they’ll persevere day after day until they find you.

Many impulsive Capricorns have a lifelong quest for something lost in their youth. Disappearing for a few days is fine, but remember, Capricorn can only tolerate it to a certain extent. You have to be mentally prepared for this.


Aries is on this list because they have a straightforward and direct personality, as I mentioned earlier. They are adventurers who seek excitement and direct sensory experiences. When Aries pursues you and engages in flirtations and just wins you over, the thrill they get from these processes is delightful. It excites them to the point where they jump around like a child.

Aries likes the chase. They pursue you with the intent of running alongside you, possibly overtaking you, and then letting you chase them. They need to be leaders, not followers. That’s not crucial, though. What matters is when you’re side by side or together, and Aries is running ahead, waving the flag, and everything seems monotonous. They start feeling bored because you’re always there.

So, what do you do? One day, when Aries is running ahead and looks back, and you’re not there. Aries panics. You’re missing, and they go on a search. They’re very responsible, and they’re genuinely committed, so they consider your actions and your safety a part of their responsibility. If you’re gone, whether they’ve lost you or you’ve run away, their first reaction is to panic.

When Aries finally realizes you’re not around anymore, they’ll frantically search for you. You might notice this dedication in many impulsive Aries, even though they appear brash and hot-tempered. They have an extremely determined nature, whether it’s a belief, a long-term quest, or just a feeling. They don’t give up easily.

The scenario of “tormenting the wife and then chasing her” is something you might easily see with Aries. Many Aries people in our lives lead relatively quiet love lives, with few ups and downs. However, one day, they might ask you to gather a group of friends and attend some sort of “recovery party” or an event specifically aimed at winning back a girlfriend. They’ll invite you and make it a grand affair.

Yes, that’s Aries. Aries is the type who cools down and gives chase again when you’ve been away for a while. You could disappear for a few days, and that’s enough. They can be impatient when you’re missing, but they can’t stand it if it goes on for too long. So, don’t torture them too much; a reasonable amount of time is enough.


Virgo is a zodiac sign that needs daily communication with their partner. If they don’t meet their daily communication quota, they feel as if something’s incomplete.

Virgo is also a very composed sign, and they never show their cards easily. You’ll have to guess. Guess what? Yes, you’ll have to guess.

And sometimes, it’s just infuriating, isn’t it? A point of pride for Virgo is that they feel they have their partner completely figured out. They can read their partner’s intentions just by looking at their expressions, thanks to their innate predictive abilities and observational skills.

But all of this is why they might struggle when you suddenly start giving them the cold shoulder. Let’s break it down:

Firstly, the communication quota: If they don’t reach their daily standard of communication, they feel uncomfortable. The job’s not done. Most Virgos don’t have procrastination issues; they like to finish tasks the same day. Otherwise, it keeps them awake at night.

Secondly, their steadiness: It’s a day-to-day consistency. You’re thinking, but they’d rather have you guess. When you start giving them the cold shoulder, they have to start guessing. If you’re happy with that role reversal, they’ll be happy to oblige.

Thirdly, having their partner figured out: Once they have you all figured out, they know what you’ll do next, and they’re comfortable. But if your behavior strays from the usual, they start to worry. “Why isn’t this going according to the script?” They’re usually very attentive and observant, so they notice your subtle changes and shifts in mood.

If they know why you’re acting that way, it’s not a big issue because everything is still under control. However, if they can’t predict your actions, they start to become anxious. They’ll use their innate predictive abilities and observational skills to guess your next move. If their predictions turn out correct, there’s no problem. If not, they start to panic. Although they won’t express it, they might send a few more messages or find ways to be around you, subtly hinting that you should talk to them.

In essence, Virgo is a group of perfectionists. They have high standards for themselves and don’t accept that their predictions can be wrong. So, many Virgos enjoy detective stories and games like Mafia, which reflect their love for logical, systematic reasoning.

So, if you want to annoy Virgo one day, give them the cold shoulder and make them realize that your behavior is not as predictable as they thought.




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