Which Zodiac Signs Love the Deepest but Hurt the Most?

Which Zodiac Signs Love the Deepest but Hurt the Most

Which Zodiac Signs Love the Deepest but Hurt the Most?

When it comes to love, each zodiac sign brings its unique strengths and challenges. Some signs are known for their deep emotional investments but also for the intense pain they can cause when things go wrong. 

This article explores the complex emotional landscapes of Sagittarius, Cancer, Aries, and Scorpio, highlighting how their profound capacity for love can sometimes lead to heartbreak. By understanding these signs, we can gain insight into the highs and lows of relationships with them.

This issue focuses on both Sun and Rising signs.

4th Place: Sagittarius

“Seems cheerful all the time, but their heart is a barren wasteland.”

In many people’s minds, Sagittarius is an easy-going sign. They are kind-hearted and often empathetic, making them excellent friends. However, we must face the fact that Sagittarians often have a hidden and relatively cold interior. 

The substantial reason is that they are genuinely lonely inside. Many lonely souls are either Aquarians or Sagittarians. If you could truly see inside their hearts, you’d often find them empty. They have no reliance, nor do they wish for it, as reliance means constraint, unable to escape, let go, or gain true freedom. Therefore, Sagittarians often prefer to float aimlessly.

In other words, despite appearing close, Sagittarians may not invest too much emotionally. Getting them to open up is extremely difficult, let alone making them fall in love easily. Wanting a long-term relationship with a Sagittarius is challenging; mere effort and management won’t suffice. 

It ultimately depends on whether they are willing to stop and stay for you. However, Sagittarians are naturally inclined not to stop for anyone. They may not seem cold and heartless on the surface, but over time, you will feel their inner loneliness and resistance to letting anyone in. They appear lively and bustling but are genuinely occupied by loneliness, which no one can truly understand.

Many Sagittarians follow a relationship pattern where they cannot be with you through thick and thin but may want to come home when tired after wandering. If you can become that “home” for them, they might grow old with you in the years to come.

3rd Place: Cancer

“Passing through your world, coming and going lightly.”

Cancers are fundamentally gentle and harmless, not hurting or harming others. This is due to their character and morals. They never intend to harm anyone, and if they do hurt someone, they feel very sad and guilty. 

Consequently, they seldom owe others anything and don’t want others to owe them, easily entering a state of being free and unrestrained, without too many ties. Going with the flow is how many Cancers live. They don’t force things or hold on too tightly.

However, this personality makes them easily fall into a relationship. Because they go with the flow, Cancers, when single, are easily touched and might get involved with someone for no apparent reason. This initial spontaneity often leads to a realization one day that things aren’t right, the relationship isn’t right, and isn’t what they want. Then they leave. Naturally and spontaneously, they just leave.

They often don’t realize how much their departure hurts the other person. When parting with a Cancer, if you ask for reasons, they often look bewildered. They feel there is no reason to part because there was no reason to be together in the first place. This attitude drives many people crazy, thinking Cancers are extremely irresponsible.

2nd Place: Aries

“I love you truly, and when I don’t, that’s true too.”

Aries are usually the most direct, not hiding or burying their feelings. Love is love, and it should be expressed boldly. Their way of expressing love is straightforward and clear. 

When they love you, they truly do, and you should believe it. But remember, if one day Aries says they no longer love you, that’s also true. Aries are warrior-like; if they want something, they will go against all odds, no matter how difficult, to be with you. The more opposition they face, the more determined they become. Naturally rebellious, they cannot fake it.

Once they stop loving someone, Aries’s indifference and distancing can be devastating. Being with an Aries offers an intense love experience, showcasing the purest form of love. 

However, this also means enduring the extreme heartbreak and despair when they leave. You can’t have both; if you don’t want the pain, don’t rely too much on Aries from the start. When they hurt you, it won’t be a slow, excruciating process but rather a sudden, catastrophic fall from a great height.

1st Place: Scorpio

“Burning intensely like a moth to a flame, but the flame can be extinguished.”

We often say Scorpios love like a moth to a flame. Once they fall in love, they are determined, even if it means getting hurt. Some might say Scorpios protect themselves well, are calculating, and don’t let themselves get hurt. I can only laugh at that. That’s because this Scorpio didn’t love you deeply. 

A Scorpio who loves deeply can give up everything. When they fall in love, they are fully committed, without any impurities. A deeply loving Scorpio is like a moth flying into the flame, enduring the pain.

However, people overlook that a strong moth can extinguish the flame. So, even if hurt during the relationship, Scorpios can endure and stay with you. 

But when they decide to leave, the struggle and hatred, and the determination to leave, are beyond just extinguishing the flame; they might even extinguish you. Don’t try to stop them. No one can stop a Scorpio, nor change their final decision.

Many people enjoy the warmth of being with a Scorpio, taking their love for granted, or even showing off their affection. But when a Scorpio decides to withdraw, many are left bewildered. When a Scorpio turns cold, you can feel the chill from ten meters away. That’s how it is.



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