Astrology Insights: Zodiac Signs that Struggle to See the Truth in Love

Astrology Insights Zodiac Signs that Struggle to See the Truth in Love

Astrology Insights Zodiac Signs that Struggle to See the Truth in Love

In the intricate landscape of love, certain zodiac signs exhibit unique traits that make it difficult for them to discern the truth. 

Join us as we delve into the characteristics of Virgo, Leo, Capricorn, and Pisces men, exploring the distinct ways in which they navigate the complexities of relationships.


It must be admitted that Virgo’s reflex arc in the emotional realm is indeed quite long. They often seem disconnected. Virgos have a lower sensitivity in emotional matters compared to others. Firstly, it’s because they are a rational-thinking group, and secondly, because love is not truly indispensable for them. 

It’s like, “Yes, I can have it. No, I’m fine without it. I’m not dependent on you, and I don’t necessarily need love. I can live well on my own.” That’s Virgo.

Their low sensitivity means that if they’re not loved or if the other person exhibits unusual behavior that Virgos find a bit off, they won’t react immediately. They tend to numb themselves. Even if they sense something is wrong, they find it challenging to respond. Virgos won’t follow someone else’s rhythm. In simpler terms, if a toxic person wants to change Virgo’s mindset and direction, leading them by the nose, it’s just impossible. 

At most, they’ll gradually drift apart. So, many Virgos don’t break up abruptly; instead, things slowly fade, contacts lessen, and eventually, that person is no longer in their world. Why? Because they’ve slowly drifted in different directions without realizing it, and when they do, months or even years may have passed. Virgo’s reflex arc can indeed be that long.

The lack of indispensability also reduces their sensitivity because, in simple terms, whether you’re there or not doesn’t have a substantial impact on Virgo. It’s challenging to witness Virgo tearing themselves apart or dramatically changing their lives for someone else. If they change, it’s because they wanted to, to pursue a different lifestyle, to become a better person – with almost no connection to you.


The reason why Leos find it challenging to see the truth and perceive not being loved lies in their confidence and their tendency to easily believe in the other person. Leo is inherently a sign that tends to be proud and confident, accumulating arrogance over time, leading to thoughts like, “Everyone may experience betrayal, but I definitely won’t.” 

So, once in a relationship, regardless of its healthiness, Leo automatically assumes that the relationship is good enough for them. The other person might not express gratitude, but the fact that they are with Leo should be cherished, right?

This is Leo’s underlying mindset. They generally won’t admit it, but here it is. So, when Leos experience betrayal, manipulation, or a breakup, they often struggle for an extended period, unable to recover. This is a time-consuming process, and Leos can be in significant pain. What is the source of their suffering? It’s not about being played, manipulated, or the relationship being fake. It stems from self-doubt. When the king is played, they will inevitably question their positioning and value. Leo will think, “I treated you so well, and our relationship was great. Where did things go wrong for you to treat me like this?”

When Leo can’t pinpoint the problem, it leads to self-evaluation and questioning whether their initial value system was wrong. Many Leos, right after a breakup, might express their frustration, claiming the other person was blind to their greatness. However, after some time, they become silent. The silence results from a blow to their confidence. Due to questioning themselves, their confidence takes a hit. 

As Leos age and gain more experience, their once sharp and prideful edges become more subdued, and they appear mature and stable. This transformation occurs because they begin to understand that their radiance may not be as dazzling as they believed, prompting them to tone it down.

Because of their confidence, Leos find it challenging and are unwilling to doubt those around them, especially those they consider part of their inner circle. As mentioned before, Leos are protective, and if you’re in their circle, you’re considered family. Leo fully trusts you and won’t harbor any suspicions. Many Leos, when discovering betrayal from someone they cared about the most, react with sadness rather than anger. When someone they cared about hurts them, Leo feels helpless; they can’t bring themselves to hit you or yell at you because they don’t want to. So, they bear it silently, taking on everything alone.


Capricorns share a similarity with Virgos in terms of having a somewhat long reflex arc in the realm of emotions. However, Capricorns are relatively sensitive and can perceive the other person’s attitude. They can sense it right away. Still, at most, they might ask, “Is everything okay with you lately?” Regardless of the response, Capricorn defaults to believing and lets it pass. Capricorns feel loved and believe the other person won’t leave them, primarily due to their attitude and conceptualization of relationships.

In the Capricorn mindset, when they’re busy with other matters, they genuinely don’t think much about relationships. Even if they think about it, they don’t have the mental capacity or time to cater too much to the other person’s emotions and needs. Love will only be a small part of a Capricorn’s life, and for many, it’s a relatively insignificant part—except for Capricorns with a Moon in a water sign.

To many, accepting that they’re only a small part of a Capricorn’s life is difficult and feels unfair. However, it’s crucial to understand that while you may be a small part, you are an essential part of a Capricorn’s life. This part is enough to influence the whole. If this part has issues, it will affect the entirety of a Capricorn’s life. To digress a bit, even though this part is important, due to its small proportion, Capricorns can’t consider it thoroughly. They direct more time and energy elsewhere.

This leads to the situation where, in a relationship, if the other person isn’t particularly good to Capricorn, doesn’t pay much attention, or even ignores Capricorn, Capricorn tends to think it’s normal. They attribute it to the other person being busy with other things. Do you see it now? This is the reason Capricorn always fails to see the truth in love. They can see through all the intrigues and deceptions in business, but they can’t perceive their real state in love.


Pisces, known for their dreaminess, are inevitably included in this theme. However, because Pisces are emotional and highly perceptive, their experience of not being loved is more profound than for any other zodiac sign. If the other person shows even the slightest sign of deviation, Pisces can easily sense it. Even if the other person doesn’t love Pisces, Pisces is the first to feel it.

But why do Pisces stay in a bad relationship and still believe the other person loves them? It’s because Pisces are exceptionally skilled at self-hypnosis. As long as they have identified someone they like, someone they care about, and someone they love, even if the other person explicitly says, “I don’t love you,” Pisces will think, “Maybe there are reasons for their actions.”

The reason Pisces entertain such thoughts is entirely because they want to continue the relationship. I often say that every romantic relationship for Pisces is a conversation with themselves. So, many observers might think Pisces is being led around like a pet. In reality, everything is in Pisces’s control. 

In simpler terms, if Pisces wants to continue the relationship, they have the ability to keep it alive, even if they have to fish for it with their life. Even if you don’t love Pisces, they can find a thousand reasons to convince themselves that you still do.

But if Pisces decides they don’t want the relationship anymore and makes that decision, they will disappear from your world in an instant. Even if you love Pisces with all your heart, Pisces can find a thousand flaws in you. So, as I said, Pisces is always having a conversation with themselves in a relationship, always in control of the rhythm. If you want a lasting relationship with Pisces, you cannot approach it in your own way. 

You have to give Pisces the type of relationship and the kind of love they want; otherwise, a breakup is inevitable. Pisces only sees what they want and ignores what others give. To repeat, Pisces always desires the kind of love and feeling they want in a relationship. Therefore, if Pisces can’t see the truth in love and can’t see that they’re not loved, it’s because they haven’t had enough of the play, and they feel it’s not yet time for the curtain to fall.



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